Never Underestimate The Power of a Mentor




Even though I am a virtual assistant I still have occasional face-to-face meetings with my clients. I had the pleasure of meeting my most recent client this past Friday, and by the end of our meeting I realized I had found another mentor.

This particular client is truly impressive in that she is one of a few women in a male dominated industry and has risen to the top of that field in only three short years. She has done this through lots of hard work, training, and a real love for what she does which carries over into how she deals with her clients. 

This client has built her business slowly and carefully, prides herself on her commitment to her clients and their best interests, and because of that her business has grown dramatically. She is now ready to take her business to the next level and realizes that in order to do that she can no longer do it alone. I am so excited to help her on her journey to even greater success and I look forward to learning from her as well as helping her grow. 

We started talking about everything from business to personal and I mentioned how I've been struggling lately with my work-life balance. She gave me an excellent suggestion on what she and her husband do to keep their connection strong which I followed on Saturday and my partner Brandon and I had great date night out: we went to the movies to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire and talked and connected in ways we haven't done in months!

Having someone to look to as an example of where I want to be is extremely powerful and is going to motivate me in ways I can't imagine. I'm glad I found another strong mentor to help me on my journey to become the successful business person I know I can be.

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  1. Nadine, I couldn’t agree more with your blog, mentoring is vital to any business, no matter how big or small, we all need someone to guide us along the way. The mentoring gives us all a different perspective, a new angle to view things from, which can be so beneficial in many ways. We often start off in business with a ‘tunnel-vision’ attitude, we have an idea in mind and go for it, but sometimes others can look at what we are doing and say ‘have you ever thought of trying this?’ or ‘what about if you added that?’, and immediately you have new options to explore. Not all of them will work, obviously, but it makes you think outside the square, and doing this can often lead to new business directions and partnerships, which hopefully in the long run will pay dividends.

    I just wrote a blog entitled ‘If I Said I Would Coach and Mentor You For FREE, Would You Believe Me?’ (click on this link to read: , which touches slightly on this subject also. I struggled in my early times with internet marketing, like most people, but now that I have found something that actually works I am channeling all my efforts into this one program, and now also coaching and mentoring others to achieve the same results as me, FOR FREE. Why for FREE? Because all it is costing me is my time, and in the coming months I will reap the rewards of my time spent helping these people. Others who are just starting out need someone to guide them, someone to set them on the right path to success, and someone who can motivate them to treat the internet as their very own business. In other words, a MENTOR. By doing this I am helping them avoid all the internet pitfalls, while helping myself indirectly at the same time, so very much a Win-Win situation.

    Hopefully others can do the same on the internet, we need more mentors and less scammers, there are far too many out there just trying to rip everyone off for a fast buck.

    Brian Rooney