Shake Up The Notion

I bet you are wondering: why a key?  Well let me tell you, I am extremely proud of this single key. You see, it has taken me a while to get my key situation down to just one solo key. I believe in simplicity and I also believe that it’s important to pay attention to what you carry with you during the day. My key situation used to be so out of control. I had keys to my Mother’s house, Grandmother’s house, My neighbor's… Old key’s to my apartment (in which  I no longer lived). I had keys to my old job, garage keys, house key and car key. 

My Mother’s Keys: I had just in case she locked herself out. So why was I carrying them with  me everywhere I went? 

My Grandmother’s Keys: Same thing-in case she locked herself out. So why was I carrying them with me everywhere I went?

My Neighbor's: Same thing-in case she locked herself out. So why was I carrying them with me everywhere I went?

Keys to my  old apartment: Really? Seriously? Go figure on that one! 

Keys to my old job: Gosh really? Now that was a long time ago!

Garage keys: I have an automatic opener so why do I have keys on my key ring and there is no lock ? Seriously?

House key: I enter my house through garage so why do I need to have key on my ring? In my car would be best.

Car Key: Okay! Finally, now that’s the key I need and that’s the key in the photo.

It’s amazing how great it feels to only have one key on my key ring! Simplicity at it’s best! Yea! 

Now you may not get down to one key like I have, but still… have you looked at your key ring lately? Do you have rewards cards dangling on them? Do you need them? Maybe they can look you up by your phone number? Do you have useless keys on your ring?

What else are you carrying around with you?

I encourage you to invest some time in a purge session and see what you can do!  

Trust me it feels great!


Planting Peace!


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