Where Will You Be?


June has arrived and with that we are now halfway through with 2012. Can you believe it? I cannot believe it at all! Wow, when I chose the word FLOURISH I had no idea what would arrive in my life. I am well and I am healthy. All is good and I am thriving!


My heart is full of gratefulness but somewhere in the back of my mind I hold this wonder…where will I be a year from today?

Will I continue to take chances?

Will I be a determined dreamer?

Will I plunge into the New Year full throttle, with no regrets and no looking back?

Will my life be filled with intention?

Will I keep company with only like-minded people?

 Have you made decisions that left you drained of sleep and energy? Have you focused on the one non- serving thought? Will you push aside your ego and swallow your pride, when help is needed? No matter how daring the endeavor, will you maintain razor sharp focus of your goal?

 We will have to see, won’t we? Maybe it’s time to set your goal now? 

I leave you with this one question:

“Where will you be one year from today?”

As you land on June 1, 2013, “what will your life look like?”


Planting Peacefulness,



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