10 Apps that ease your customer relationship management

There are hundreds of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications worth knowing about in today’s software market, but some companies consider it to be valuable only to big companies, despite the large variety of efficient cloud CRM solutions that are capable of delivering the same options or even more for a reasonable price for any company. Moreover, current solutions are offering easier-to-use interfaces with agile business process management engines, which is in line with what forward-thinking companies are looking for now and will be looking for in 2016. While there are a lot of other options out there, here’s a list of the top 10 client relationship management applications that are taking innovative approaches to creating user friendly experiences:

#1 Bpm’online

Bpmonline CRM is a process-driven cloud based software that bridges the gap between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing to effectively manage and oversee the complete customer journey from lead to order as well as ongoing account maintenance in a user-friendly environment, which makes it easier for users to become accustom to the product. It has been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, 2015, as well as has received the highest overall score among Strong Performers for its product in the Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q1 2015. Bpm’online is a great solution for companies that are looking to manage all processes on one platform while storing the essential data in one cloud repository. The product also provides users a set of out-of-the-box processes as well as a constructor option that allows to adjust them and create new ones on the fly.

#2 Infusionsoft

The CRM software company Infusionsoft is designed to help small companies with their marketing and sales processes built specifically for them. The talented team of specialists from Infusionsoft are dedicated to helping small companies reach new levels of success. Infusionsoft combines sales and marketing features into one system, which helps businesses simplify their internal and external operations. The company’s goal is to save users’ time and help them better understand their client’s behavior, thereby leading businesses to more successful interactions with their target audience and existing customers.

#3 Insightly

With Insightly, users are provided with tools to group and manage contacts as well as connect them via tags and other means. Insightly was developed in such a way so that businesses from any industry may use it, but the platform is most convenient for service businesses. The company’s current roster of customers includes organizations in consulting, business services, education, entertainment, media, finance, and other industries. While the product was originally designed to be used by every organization’s member, it is especially useful for marketers and sales reps.

#4 Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is a CRM solution that can be utilized to increase performance in a variety of processes such as marketing, analytics, and sales management. The product has a highly personalized approach and feel, which helps employees uncover new opportunities and boost efficiency. Sugar CRM offers such features as campaign management, email marketing, e-commerce process management, performance management, and others. Sugar CRM is a good fit for those working in marketing and sales sectors.

#5 Velocify

Velocify is a lead management company that specializes in turning its clients’ leads into sales. The company works closely with Sales Force, helping businesses capture, dedupe and distribute inquiries coming from different sources. This includes website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and more than 100 lead providers. The service also allows businesses to prioritize tasks as well as guide users through the sales process.

#6 Base CRM

Base CRM was primarily built as a mobile app and provides users with capturing, organizing and lead tracking management, which makes it a marketing and sales automation platform. This advanced lead management tool helps organizations prevent leads from being left behind until they are fully qualified, thanks to sales opportunities management and collaboration tools. Base also provides a framework which helps with the delivery and the management of the customer’s happiness at scale.

#7 CallPro CRM

Formed in 1996, CallPro enables businesses to easily build and manage entire marketing & sales campaigns, which can be triggered by actions, communications or other parameters. Integrated telemarketing solutions ensures that all leads are followed up promptly. CallPro also provides tools that turn prospects into customers by offering a flawless user journey as well as converts leads into customers by precise targeting. The built-in ‘Prospector’ feature allows users to expand their knowledge of a lead or build reports on a prospect. CallPro CRM makes interacting with your clients less of a hassle.

#8 Maximizer CRM

Maximizer is a Customer Relationship Management application which is now offering both on-premise and more trendy cloud versions. This CRM solution provides companies, regardless of size and industry, options to build strong relationships and create personalized approaches to each customer that is accelerating in business growth. Maximizer enables users to oversee the complete picture of company’s s data that’s accessible anywhere. It makes it easier to respond to new and existing opportunities, manage contacts and forecast your sales pipeline and income.

#9 SalesNexus

Another CRM application on this list is the Sales Nexus, which provides users with a customizable dashboard with complete analytics. SalesNexus allows employees to create automated campaigns, which enables you to move each lead through the sales funnel, even on the go. The company works with email campaigns, social media and other marketing techniques to help organizations build brand awareness and attract new customers.

#10 Capsule CRM

Based in the UK, the company focuses mostly on small and medium sized business with its cloud application designed to help brands to keep track of the people and companies they are doing business with as well as communications, pipeline opportunities, and other critical tasks. The contact page provides users a bird’s eye view of everything related to a specific contact so that you can control and manage processes easily.

For the last couple of years the CRM market has seen a lot of changes and, most likely, these changes are going to accelerate in the nearest future, therefore increasing the demand for fresh CRM applications. Gartner predicts that the CRM software market is going to grow at an annual growth rate of 14.8%, reaching $36 billion by the end of 2017. That’s why it’s crucial for growing businesses to adopt the solution that is going to keep up with the latest technological advances and trends and what’s more important, will be scalable for your business.

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