10 Awesome Office Gadgets

Whether you’re looking to organize your office or add a little flare, office gadgets have come a long way. Gone are the days of boring pencil sharpeners and plain old desk caddies. These days, many office gadgets are still useful but they also have an added flare and attitude. Some are even a bit funny. If you’re looking to spice up your office space, check out these awesome office gadgets.

Awesome Office Gadgets: Sannysis Key Pete Strong Magnetic Key Holder Hook Rack Magnet

awesome office gadgets


No need to go fishing for your keys. This magnetic key holder keeps keys handy. Just stick it on something magnetic. It’s even cute to look at!

Awesome Office Gadgets: Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Hand Cell Phone Holder

awesome office gadgets

This is another fun-looking gadget. These little hands hold your cell phone so you don’t miss important calls. Just make sure you’re not on your phone too much at work! These gadgets also hold MP3 players as well as iPods.

Awesome Office Gadgets: Mini USB PC Refrigerator Fridge Beverage Drink Can Cooler Warmer Heater Gadget One Can

awesome office gadgets

Maybe you didn’t finish your drink from lunch or maybe you just got something from the vending machine. Whatever the case, this gadget will keep your drink cold. It’s one of the awesome office gadgets because of its practicality. No more drinking warm soda or water at your desk.

Awesome Office Gadgets: Surker Computer Mini Vacuum Keyboard Dust Cleaner Dust Collector Tool Gadget USB Vacuum Cleaning for Computers

awesome office gadgets


Keyboards are one of the dirtiest office items. Keep your keyboard clean with this mini vacuum. It’s safe and easy to use. No more turning over your keyboard to get all the nasty crumbs and whatever else out!

Awesome Office Gadgets: Mini Cool Office Gadget Desk Flexible Gooseneck USB LED Clock Fan

awesome office gadgetsNo more guessing what time it is. This is a fun clock fan with an LED display. The gooseneck helps to make it flexible so you can put it just about anywhere on your desk.

Awesome Office Gadgets: The Source Cool Office Gadget 360 Degree Rotation 6″ Desktop Integrated USB LED Clock Fan

awesome office gadgets

Here’s another one of the awesome office gadgets that contain a clock and fan. This one does not have a gooseneck, so there is less flexibility. But, it is still useful. The clock and fan are multi-purpose and are a great addition to any desk.


Awesome Office Gadgets: Emperor of Gadgets® Classic Design Flip Down Clock for Desk

awesome office gadgets

While there may be other clocks in your office, this one will probably be the most fun. This is a classic clock with a flip down design. It may take up some space on your desk, but it will probably be worth it. You can be sure not too many other co-workers will have this one!

Awesome Office Gadgets: Building Block Calendar

awesome office gadgets

You can pretend you’re a kid again with this gadget. Building blocks help to make this unique desk calendar. Stack the days and dates of the week. There are even blocks to mark holidays and other special days.

Awesome Office Gadgets: Paper Clip Holder – Kitchen Sink Design

awesome office gadgets

Chances are you’ve heard the saying “everything but the kitchen sink”. Well, here you have paper clips and the kitchen sink. Add this to your list of fun gadgets for your desk.

Awesome Office Gadgets: HDE Optical USB 1200DPI Finger Mouse Laptop Notebook PC

awesome office gadgets

So your co-workers may wonder what you’re doing with this gadget. This is a new way to use your computer mouse. No mouse pad is needed. You just move the cursor on your screen by moving your finger. This is not only one of the most awesome office gadgets, but it’s also cheap. This mouse is just about four dollars!

Now there’s no need to have a boring office. Add any of these office gadgets and you’ll be the envy of your co-workers.


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