10 Baby Items You Don’t Need

Baby Items Baby Items

Stores are loaded with aisles and aisles of gear for the tiniest person in your house. There are even stores dedicated to only selling baby items. How can someone so little need so much? The answer is…they don’t. Babies eat, sleep, and poop, simply put. You don’t need much to accomplish those things.

 Baby Items

But, when you’re looking around a store almost everything looks like a necessity, especially if you’re a new parent. Once you’re on your second or third tour of duty in the baby trenches you really get to know what Baby Items are a waste of money.

  1. Changing Table– Let me set the scene for you…You’re in the living room and your baby’s diaper needs to be changed. Are you really going to trek all the way upstairs to the changing table in junior’s room just to change a diaper? Let me answer that for you. You’re not. A towel or a travel changing pad works better and is a whole lot cheaper. Save the space and the money for the true necessities, like a crib.
  2. Baby Timers– When am I supposed to feed the baby? When is it nap time? There’s actually a timer to help you sort it all out. If you really need reminders, you can easily set an alarm on your phone or set an alarm clock. You can also write yourself a note. No need to waste money on a special timer.
  3. Baby Food Processor- If you like to make your own baby food, a regular food processor will work just as well. If you’re using it for your own food which is likely heavier, I think it can handle the ingredients for baby food just fine. Save your money.
  4. 0-3 Month Sized Diapers-Unless your baby is a preemie, he or she will outgrow them before you can finish a box. If the size one diapers are too big, then buy the 0-3 month diapers in small quantity. There’s no use buying in bulk to save money if you’re not going to be able to use half the box.
  5. Small Baby Bibs- Sure your baby may be small, but chances are he or she makes a giant mess. So, what are you going to do with a bib the size of your hand? Spend a little more money and buy the larger bibs.
  6. Diaper Wipe Warmer-Unless you’re storing your baby wipes in the freezer, you don’t need a warmer. Keeping the wipes at room temperature will serve your baby just fine. Wipes and diapers are so expensive already, why add to the bill?
  7. Bottle Warmer-These gadgets are expensive and extremely unnecessary. Whatever happened to using a cup or pan of warm water? It’s a lot cheaper and still gets the job done.
  8. Designer Pacifiers-Sure it’s cute to see a baby with a pacifier with a funny saying on it. But, your wallet won’t be laughing. Many times you can get a multi-pack of your boring, does the same job pacifier, for the price of one designer pacifier. Save the money for the college fund. They’ll grow out of the pacifiers quickly.
  9. Scented Baby Lotion-The lotion may smell great, but be sure to read all the ingredients. Babies’ skin is so sensitive; you really need to be aware of everything you’re putting on it. If you’re unsure if a certain lotion is safe for your baby, ask your pediatrician before using.
  10. Expensive Baby Bedding- The extra plush blankets and bumpers may be hard to resist, but they can actually harm your baby. Many doctors warn against crib bumpers because many believe they may contribute to SIDS. The blankets may keep your baby warm, but they may be too heavy for your little one to handle. Save the money for “big kid” bedding down the road.

Before you buy a certain product, think about why (and if) you really need it. Remember, they’re only babies for a short time. As they grow older, their needs are going to increase. Save your money for those days!

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