10 Natural Beauty Remedies

10 Natural Beauty Remedies


When you go to the supermarket do you often browse through the personal hygiene or make-up aisles and find items that you don’t necessarily need, but grab just to see if they will work? Suddenly you look into your cart and you have $30 worth of beauty products that will go home with you. You will try them once and then they will sit on your shelf for a year until you throw them away. Stop the madness! Not only is this a waste of money and space, it is totally unnecessary! You can make a TON of your own natural beauty remedies that are natural, affordable, and effective, and you’re shopping in the wrong section. Most of these you can find in your general grocery section and they are way cheaper than the tiny tubs and tubes you spend a fortune on in cosmetics.Natural Beauty

10 Natural Beauty Remedies: Affordable, Natural and Effective Beauty Secrets

Natural Beauty Recipe #1) Coconut Oil + Brown Sugar

Use these two ingredients to create an all-over body scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated. Mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil with 1 cup of brown sugar until you get a combination that feels like wet sand. Apply to your skin and massage using a circular motion, rinse with water and pat dry.

Natural Beauty Recipe #2) Honey + Milk

Need a facial? Make your own! Did you know honey promotes new tissue growth and has been known to have anti-aging properties? It also moisturizes your skin and prevents it from drying out. Take honey straight out of the jar and apply a thin layer to your face. Let sit for fifteen minutes, then rinse using whole milk. Let air dry. The milk will brighten your face and soften your skin. Voila! Youthful, fresh skin here I come!

Natural Beauty Recipe #3) Strawberry + Baking Soda

Use these two bad boys to brighten up those pearly whites. Simply mash one strawberry with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Apply this mixture to your teeth and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then, brush your teeth as you normally would. Repeat once a week for naturally whiter teeth.

Natural Beauty Recipe #4) Rose Water + Grape Seed Oil

Here is the secret to shiny, gorgeous locks. Have you ever heard of rose water? It is surprisingly easy to make, and it lasts for a month! You can use it to make your own shine spray. Mix 1/2 cup rose water with 1/4 cup grape seed oil and put in a spray bottle. Spray on your hair when it’s wet for soft, shiny hair (a little goes a long way). Or spray on dry hair to tame frizziness.

Natural Beauty Recipe #5) Olive Oil + Warm Towel

Those nasty hangnails can sting for hours. Relieve your pain with this solution. Rub olive oil all over your hands. Soak a towel in hot water, then wring the water out. Wrap your hands in the hot towel. Leave it on for 20 minutes. This will soften the cuticle enough to trim the excess skin, and it makes for a lovely hand moisturizer.

Natural Beauty Recipe #6) Epsom Salt + Vaseline

This dynamic duo needs to be used on those dry, cracked feet. Seriously. Immediately. Soak your feet in a tub of hot water and epsom salt for fifteen minutes. Pat your feet dry and slather on a healthy helping of vaseline. For ultimate effect wrap each foot in plastic wrap and cover with a thick sock. Leave on for 1 hour. This will take your feet from dreary to dreamy.

Natural Beauty Recipe #7) Witch Hazel + Olive Oil

Okay, witch hazel? Yes! This old fashioned astringent can be combined with olive oil for an awesome and super natural eye make-up remover. You can buy it at pretty much any convenience store. It is not hard to find. Mix equal parts witch hazel and olive oil and keep in a jar. Apply on your eyes using a cotton ball to remove all eye makeup. No more raccoon eyes, baby!

Natural Beauty Recipe #8) Cucumber + Coconut Oil

Chapped lips get the best of me. How is it that every time I clean out my purse I find like 8 tubes of chapstick or lip balm that are all OPEN? And most of them don’t even work. They make my lips more chapped. Now, I keep a small jar of coconut oil in my purse and slather some on if I’m feeling chapped. This way I know that I am not consuming any gross chemicals, and my lips stay perfectly moisturized. Want an even better trick? Cucumber softens and soothes chapped lips. Slice some cucumber and rub the pulp onto your lips. Follow that with the coconut oil to seal in all the goodness.

Natural Beauty Recipe #9) Alcohol + Essential Oils

Here is your answer to an all natural deodorant (not an antiperspirant). Yes, you fill a spray bottle with Everclear (the alcohol) and mix it with 8-10 drops of your favorite scented essential oil. This spray can also be used to freshen your sheets/laundry!

Natural Beauty Recipe #10) Mint Leaves + Rose Water

Dark Circles? The best thing you can do is get more sleep, but if you’re in a pinch try to disguise them with this natural remedy. Crush some mint leaves and rub under your eyes. Rinse with a cool, wet washcloth. Once dry, dip a cotton ball in the rosewater and apply to the skin under your eye. Let air dry.

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