10 Ways We Let Others Take Over Our Dreams


Your life is your plane.  Fly it, take it where you want it to go.

You are the one flying it.  YOU.

Not your spouse, or your significant other.  Not your mother or father, your kids, your boss, your friend (even if she’s your BFF).

Know what though?

Often, we give up the cockpit controls.   Unwittingly, we allow others to fly our plane for us.

    • We let someone else tell us what we cannot do.
    • We let someone rain on our parade.
    • We let someone’s negative message sink in our skin.
    • We let someone’s expectations drive what we’re going to do next.
    • We let someone guilt us into doing something we really don’t want to do.
    • We re-live a bad experience in our heads over and over.
    • We keep on trying to get the approval of someone who’s determined not to give it to us.
    • We let others drown our voice.
    • We believe, then get stymied by, other’s supposedly well-meaning criticisms.
    • We compare our live to others’ seemingly perfect lives.

Do these look familiar?  Been there, done that, right?

I know.  Me too.

But enough now.  We’re taking back the cockpit.

We’ve got one life, one plane, and dang it, we’re taking it where we want it to go.

We are writing our own flight plans.

Off to seek clear skies.

Lou Blaser is the Founder of Second Breaks, a site dedicated to helping men and women go after and live their second acts.  You can find her at http://www.secondbreaks.com

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