10 Easy Face Painting Ideas

Face painting is one of those things that never gets old with kids. Whether you’re at a fair or birthday party, or even just home, there’s something about face painting that kids love. It’s one of the top crafts and kids’ activities out there.

All of us are not artists. So, trying to get exactly what the kids want can be frustrating. Before you go out and hire someone for your next party or try to get an art degree, check out these easy face painting ideas.

10 Easy Face Painting Ideas

1. Clown- A clown is one of the easiest things to paint on a face. You can just go with an expression and paint that around the mouth. Then add some paint around the eyes and eyebrows. Finish it off with stars on the cheeks and you’re done.

2. Hulk-It doesn’t get much easier than painting a child’s face all green then adding some black lines around for effect.

3. Princess-A princess needs a crown and that’s pretty much all you need for this one. Have your little princess pick her color and start painting around her forehead for a crown. When it comes to easy face painting ideas, this one is great!

4. Fairy-Similar to the princess, this design doesn’t need much. You just need to paint some wings around the eyes and you’re good to go. This design does have the option to get fancy if you want to add more detail to the wings or maybe even some glitter.

5. Bat-As long as you can draw the shape of a bat, this one is easy. Again, you can focus your design around the eyes. You can make your bat black or you can change it to the child’s favorite color.

6. Butterfly

face painting
Butterfly Face Painting
Courtesy: craftbits.com

Butterflies are one of the most popular face painting designs. They can either be drawn on the cheeks or around the eyes like the fairy designs. Drawing butterflies on the cheeks is the easiest way to go.

7. Cat-Making a cat doesn’t require much paint or design. You just need to paint the child’s nose black then add some whiskers on the cheeks. Meow!

8. Zebra- The Zebra is similar to the cat. You just need to add some white. The best part is that the black stripes don’t have to be perfect. That lessens your chance of messing up on the design.



face painting
Ladybug Face Painting
Courtesy: picshype.com

9 .Joker- This is a cute design that doesn’t require a lot of paint or a lot of work. Start with painting the entire face white. Then add black circles around the eyes. Finish it off with a large red smile that extends beyond the lips and you’re all set!

10. Ladybug-

This is another face painting design that can be done either on the cheek or around the eyes. I think it looks better around the eyes! Start with a base of red paint then add the black dots and little antlers at the top.


The key to easy face painting is finding designs that don’t have too many details. Not only will they drive you nuts, the chances of a child sitting still for that long are pretty slim too! Keep it simple. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.
















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