10 Fruits and Vegetables in Season During June

Fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the best things about the summer months. When the calendar turns to June, that means beach days, summer fruits and vegetables, barbecues, and picnics.

If you’ve been outside breaking a sweat, there’s nothing like a cold, juicy piece of fruit to cool you down and satisfy your hunger. When meal time rolls around, making light and healthy dishes is also a great way to make the most of what’s in season.

Before your next trip to the grocery store, take a look at some tasty fruits and vegetables in season during the month of June.

Fruits and Vegetables in Season During June

    1. Corn– Corn on the cob is a staple of any summer picnic. While many of us either boil it or grill it, you can also deep-fry it. Corn is also a key ingredient in many salsa dishes that are served with fish during the summer.
    2. Watermelon
      fruits and vegetables
      Watermelon is a favorite in June!

      Just like corn, watermelon goes hand in hand with BBQ’s and picnics. It’s refreshing and healthy. Watermelon is packed with vitamins disease fighting antioxidants

    3. Strawberries– Strawberries are one of the most popular summer fruits and vegetables. They’re great in a salad. They are also a topper on cakes and ice cream. Many people pick strawberries too to make jam with them later.
    4. Cantaloupe-For me, cantaloupe is the best fruit. The only problem is that I can never tell when it is ripe. The experts say you need to smell it first to see if it smells like flowers. If it does, then it’s probably ripe.
    5. Cherries-Cherries are only in season for a few months, seeing that they are on the list of the favorite summer fruits and vegetables. Be sure to get them while you can. You’ll see them during the summer months, but come September they’ll disappear until next year.

      fruits and vegetables
      Cherries are only in season for a short time
    6. Peaches– Peaches are a great “on the go” fruit, especially at the beach. Peaches are also fun to pick if there’s a farm near you that offers it. Just like cherries, their season is short, so enjoy them while you can!
    7. Lettuce– While lettuce is around year-long, it is in season in June. So, it should come as no surprise that we love to make salads so much during the summer!
    8. Yellow Squash– If you’re looking for a great summer side dish, yellow squash is it. It is sometimes overlooked, but definitely deserves to be one of the tastiest summer fruits and vegetables. Slicing the squash, marinating it and then grilling it is a healthy addition to any barbecue.
    9. Green Beans– Just like yellow squash, green beans make a wonderful summer side dish. While many people may not think you can do much with green beans, you actually can. There are dozens of recipes that make the most of this summer vegetable.
    10. Beets– Beets are not the most popular vegetable, but they are one of the best ones out there. When it comes to summer fruits and vegetables, beets have antioxidants and nutrients that are among the best for your body. So before you tell this veggie to “beat it”, you should really check out what it has to offer.

Take advantage of what each month features when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Your waistline will thank you. Bee sure to also get creative with recipes!