10 Gift Ideas For The Home Chef

Even if cooking isn’t really your thing, you’ve probably got someone in your life who loves playing the role of the home chef.  They love to cook, they take pride in their kitchen, and they peruse the aisles at Williams Sonoma like they’re seeing the crown jewels of all humanity.

So, what do you get the home chef?  That’s an easy one.  But here are a few suggestions to really get you thinking.

Perfect Gifts For The Home Chef

Cast Iron Skillet

A good cast iron skillet is an absolute necessity in any kitchen.  They’re versatile, durable, and can handle just about any job.  Most cooks already have one, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love another one, particularly one that’s a different size than what they already have.

Julia Childs Cook Books

One of the most legendary cookbooks of all time, this is a must-have for any self-respecting chef, even if they have no immediate plans to cook from it.  Julia Child’s immense collection of recipes is informative and it stands the test of time.

Cheese Board

For the home chef who loves to entertain, a cheese board is a marvelous gift idea.  It allows them to serve cheese and various charcuterie in style.

Black Sea Truffle Salt

Is there anything more classy and elegant than a meal with some truffle in it?  Of course not.  Truffles themselves are very expensive, but all a dish really needs is the essence of truffle to take it to the next level.  C?  Perfect.

Knife Magnetic Strip

Keep knives within reach and off the countertop with an easy-to-install magnetic strip.

Immersion Blender

Plenty of power and a sleek design that fits easily in a drawer when not in use.  An immersion blender is a great tool for when you don’t want to lug out and then clean out a traditional blender.  Your home chef will have no shortage of ways to use it.

Casserole Dishes

Everyone has a few old casserole pans that have been in the family for generations.  They do the job just fine, but when you’re bringing a meal to someone’s house or a potluck dinner, maybe you want your contribution to look a little more…high class.  That’s where this dish comes in.

Meat Thermometer

Make sure the meat is safe to eat and not overcooked with this accurate, easy to read thermometer.

Mixing Bowls

No cook ever has enough bowls, so you can never go wrong buying them a new set. What’s great about this set is the lids, which add an extra level of convenience and usefulness. Take the bowls on the go or stick them in the fridge without relying on flimsy protection from plastic wrap.

Pepper Mill

Salt and pepper are two of the most important ingredients in any flavorful mill, so help you chef keep them handy and easy-to-access with this stylish well.  It looks great on the countertop and is easily used with just one hand.

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