10 Great Gift Ideas For Jetsetters

Jetsetters are always on the go, so none of these items will ever go to waste on them.What do you buy for the person who’s always taking off on another trip?  You get them things that are going to make their travels easier and more comfortable.

Whether you’ve got a small budget or a large budget, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some ideas for jetsetter gifts that won’t disappoint.


Plush, comfortable, and effective, these eye shades will help anyone get their much-needed shut-eye no matter where they are.  They’re fleece on the outside for maximum light-blocking, but silky on the inside for ultimate comfort.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Airports, planes, and trains are noisy places.  Sometimes when you’re traveling, you just want to block it all out and listen to your music or even drift off to sleep with the help of a white noise app.  These headphones are comfortable and their over-the-ear design helps with the noise-cancelling capabilities.


Luggage scale

No self-respecting jetsetter would dare leave the house without a trusty luggage scale.  How else are you going to pack everything you need while also managing to avoid outrageous luggage fees?  This scale has a 110-lb capacity which is much more than adequate for almost any traveler.


External charger

Everyone needs a boost for their phone during a long day, but especially jetsetters who use those phones to order cabs, refer to maps, take pictures, update their social media, and keep in touch with family back home.  This external charger packs a punch and can rapidly charge whatever device you plug into it.


Packing cubes

Packing cubes are wonderful gifts for a jetsetter because they’re reusable, versatile, and make both packing and unpacking a whole lot easier.  They keep everything organized in the suitcase and are easily movable for placing inside a drawer or closet when you reach your destination.


Retractable earbuds

Earbuds are an absolute necessity when traveling, but it’s almost impossible to keep them from getting tangled and knotted with everything else in your carry-on bag.  These retractable earbuds wind themselves back up when you’re not using them and then quickly extend when you’re ready to listen to music.


Leather carry-on bag

How do you spot a classy, well-traveled jetsetter?  Look for the glamorous individual who’s toting a a gorgeous leather bag onto the plane with them.  This bag is sturdy, spacious, and oh-so refined.  Who wouldn’t want to be seen carrying it?


Nikon Coolpix

For better-than-phone pictures without having to lug around a giant camera and a bunch of lenses, the Nikon Coolpix is a wonderful choice for a great camera doesn’t require a loan to purchase.  It’s slim, has powerful zoom, and even WiFi capabilities for quick posting of your favorite pictures.


Travel journal

Everyone takes pictures, but one often neglected aspect of traveling is writing down your thoughts and experiences.  Get your jetsetter a nice travel journal and they’ll always have a place to record those things and ensure they’ll never forget.

RIFD passport shield

Protect your passport and credit cards from RIFD scanning theft by using this convenient shield.  It keeps your personal information safe and lets you travel with peace of mind.

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