10 Great Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa is a fun part of the holiday season. Whether you’re doing it among family members or co-workers and friends, it gives you a chance to give gifts without spending too much money. In many cases the group of people doing secret Santa sets a price limit. Many are ten dollars and under, while others up the ante to twenty dollars. Whatever the case, there are some great secret Santa gifts you can give this holiday season.

Great Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

Scented Candles

You don’t have to go to a pricey candle shop to get a good smelling candle. Craft stores and department stores are a good place to fight a scented candle that won’t cost you a lot.








If you’re exchanging with an all-female group, why not buy a pair of earrings. Obviously these won’t be diamonds or pearls. But, you can still get a decent pair of earrings for under ten dollars at a department store. This makes a great secret Santa gift because it’s one of those things that we usually don’t buy for ourselves.








Funny Book

We all need a good laugh every once and awhile. Why not put a smile on someone’s face with one of those silly books? You know, the ones you flip through at the bookstore but never buy for yourself. Whoever gets this gift is sure to be happy!







Pocket Screwdriver

secret santa gifts

This may sound like a weird one, but how many times have you been at home and needed a screwdriver and can’t find one? Pocket screwdrivers are handy dandy because you can put them in a drawer and get to them quickly. You get the job done and then put it right back.




Suction Cup Phone Holder

You may become someone’s best friend with this one.


That’s why it’s one of the great secret Santa gifts. This simple double suction cup gadget holds your phone so you can see all your texts and apps without any glare. The iLove Handles Barnacle makes a great gift for just about anyone.

Great Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

Portable USB Cooler and Warmer

secret santa gifts

How many times have you gotten a can of soda out of the vending machine at work only for it to get warm and nasty a half hour later? A portable USB cooler and warmer keeps your drinks cold all from the power from your computer. The best part is that it’s under twenty bucks.





Selfie Sticks

They’re all the rage these days. They’re also a unisex gift which makes them one of the great secret Santa gifts. Help someone take a better selfie. I’m sure it will end up on their Facebook feed!







Portable Speakers

secret santa gifts

This gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Of course, they’re not going to be top of the line for under $20, but these portable speakers will still do the trick. They’re a great idea for the beach or just hanging around outside.




Crock Pot

You can find some pretty good crock pots for under $20. Crock pots are a useful gift for just about anyone. You can even throw in some online recipes to make this gift extra special.

secret santa gifts




Wine & Cheese

Buy a bottle of decent wine and some cheese or other snacks to go along with it. Make a nice basket or gift bag and you have one of the great secret Santa gifts. It’s a nice relaxing gift for just about anyone.

So, the next time you take part in a secret Santa, try one of these ideas. Hopefully the others in your group will do the same!





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