Thursday, December 9, 2021

10 Greatest Challenges Fresher’s Face In The Corporate World

It is never easy to start a new phase in life as you are unknown to the challenges and obstacles that will come your way. Also, being a fresher in the corporate world, without any experience makes it difficult to tackle them but the challenges make your life worth living. 

Keeping aside the challenges, the corporate world has always got new things to learn and areas to explore. By facing the problems you learn and become a better person and so look at them as opportunities that will help you climb the corporate ladder at a tremendous speed. 

The challenges you will face here differs in their level of difficulty but you will always find them waiting for you to move ahead in the work-life. 

The challenges will be different for different people. An extrovert may choose to remain silent due to the new environment which they may start disliking. While an introvert can take it as an opportunity and make contacts. 

The fresher’s in the corporate world who are young and filled with hope that they will make a mark in the workplace may end up finding themselves trapped. Given below are some of the greatest challenges that fresher’s face in the corporate world. 

1- Lack of guidance

Being a fresher in the corporate world, you are going to face an identity crisis. You will be stuck in situations where you don’t want to attend a meeting or conversation. But there is no chance you can do so as your colleagues may find this rude. The other challenge you will face is the lack of sense of direction. 

As you are new you would not be clear with the protocols of the organization, and so you may find yourself violating many of those rules like talking loudly on the phone. 

However, the HR will be there for your guidance but it is you who has to use your own ideas, judgment and creativity to tackle a situation. Everyone in the office is busy doing their own work so you can’t rely on them always. So, you need to take extra precautions for this.

2- Quick Learning

For the proper training of the employees, companies spend a lot of time on it. A fresher has only got the basic learning of work from education. You can only acquire Real knowledge if you work on live projects and so when you get an opportunity for training from the company don’t miss it. 

It is better to learn as much as you can and establish your domain rather than working as a full-fledged employee. The organizations constantly look for skilled and experienced employees and if you fail to meet up the expectation you may end up losing your job. It is the specializations that will keep you going.

3- Accepting the workplace culture

When you begin as a fresher, you will find you are smarter than your seniors. Don’t be surprised seeing people holding higher positions having no necessary skill. Don’t criticize or discuss it with your peers as such gossip spreads like wildfire in the office.

Be quiet and accept things as they are as people got the top positions through their hard work by fulfilling the job profile criteria. It is not talent that keeps you ahead at the workplace; you need to have soft skills too. Be on time and complete the tasks, meet deadlines and report regularly to the managers.

4- Trying to impress the boss

This is the most important challenge that fresher’s face as they constantly try to impress their project managers. In doing so, they spend long hours and work overtime which makes them spends less time with their family. 

But soon they realize the importance of time and how their work is taking away their personal time. They are too late to realize that as the boss starts demanding extra work hours. It is because of the reputation that you have built working. And so instead of working overtime, complete your work fast.

5- Usage of right words

In a corporate office, it will be challenging for you to use the correct words. Here, you cannot argue with your senior. So, you must know the usage of correct words. It is necessary to have a strong understanding of your language. 

You should back your arguments with strong facts and data. Also, at the office, you will work with people of different ages and different opinions. And in no time you will realize that their priorities differ too, which means you must keep a different tone while talking to different people.

6- Lack of Job Satisfaction

A student generally imagines a working life to be an ideal one but it is after they join their first job, they come face to face with the harsh realities of the corporate world. This results in fresher’s quitting their job. But this is not the way out. 

Irrespective of the amount of experience you have or the domain you work in, there will be things that you won’t like. Being a fresher, you must see the good things about your job and must remind yourself of it. By doing this you will have a positive approach to life and will do the work in the best way possible. You can only justify the job if you love it.

7- Moving out of comfort zone

It is common that fresher’s face major constraints in coming out of their college life and adapting to the constant work pressure. But one needs to understand that when they enter the corporate world they need to work 9 to 10 hours straight, which they find difficult to adjust. 

For dealing with it you must remind yourself that gone are the days of your college life you need to work hard now. Once you accept this, things will be a lot easier. Also, you need to be mentally prepared to breathe in and follow the changing norms and procedures of the industry.

8- Facing difficulty In Voicing Your Opinion

The fresher’s might be scared of voicing their opinion during various situations due to the lack of exposure and practical subject knowledge. There are two reasons for the same-

1- They might not have faith in their knowledge of the subject and are scared about the outcome if their opinion turns out to be wrong or inefficient.

2- The organization does not encourage them for the same; however, the only way you can grow in your career is by having faith in your abilities and voicing about it.

With the development of qualitative efficiencies, the desperation of building a bright future and having faith in oneself will eventually clear out the dark side of corporate life.

9- Lack of technical knowledge

Being a fresher in the corporate world and matching up with the company’s expectations is tricky and challenging. The most wanted quality in the sector is to have required technical knowledge of the right field of operation along with the proper understanding of the nature of the company.

You can have access to project work and moulds through internships and live projects. They will help you become a skilled person. However, if you feel that you have no idea about something, feel free to ask. Companies generally have mentors responsible for training fresher’s. In case there is no mentor to contact a friendly colleague.

10- Low-lying network building & acquaintance

It is normal that fresher’s feel inferior in mixing up with the seniors or other team members, which results in them ending up with another fresher or new joiner. This results in the creation of a comfort zone for sharing each other’s opinion leading to the formation of a fresher group. 

The top management observes one behavior and conduct with the higher hierarchy for the future appraisals. By building a healthy network and acquiring friendly colleagues you enhance your interpersonal skills. Thus, make an effort to greet people or strike small talks with them when you meet. This will help you up-level your career. 

As a fresher in the corporate world, people find it difficult to form networks. However, the fast you learn this survival skill, the better will be your corporate life.

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