10 Important Reasons to Use Pinterest Today

Pinterest, as you may know, is the 3rd most popular social media channel on the web today. That should be enough to spark your interest and get you going on Pinterest, but if it isn’t, here are 10 more:

Pinterest converts browsers into buyers faster than any other social media site (1). For a product-based business, need COLIBRI say more?

  • It’s great for market research (1). Even if you’re not into analytics, what people are pinning and repinning is literally laid out before your eyes so you can get a quick peak into what your (potential) clients love.
  • In case you didn’t know, every pin has a link embedded into it. This can mean lots of inbound links to your website (1). What better motivation to think about compelling images when you are creating posts and pages for your site or blog?
  • Pinterest drives traffic. More than traffic than, say, Facebook (1). Heard of Facebook?
  • Pinterest now lets you keep secrets. Yes, you can have up to three secret boards on your site. This is great, personally, for boards that might compromise you but it is also great, professionally, for working on a board until you’ve got it just right and then publishing it.
  • Brand building (2). You can use Pinterest to tell the story of your brand in a way that is still fresh and compelling Remember: you can keep it all a secret (see #5) until you’ve tweaked that story in a way that feels just right.
  • You can host great contests (3) (think: repin in it to win it) which will build brand awareness and drive yet more traffic to your site. Just make sure to have awesome prizes.
  • Integration (2). Pinterest integrates with social media such as Facebook and your website.
  • You can pin video, which is not only the marketing tool most likely to go viral, but is also a way to connect more intimately with your audience.
  • It’s fun and inspirational! And, yes, people, fun is what this game is about!


What about you? Can you add to the list? This bird would love your thoughts.

Anna is a Contributing Editor at Project Eve as well as a solopreneur and the founder of ANNACOLIBRI, an e-business specializing in values-based marketing, online publishing and web-presence. She knows and loves writing about content marketing (with an emphasis on values-based marketing), web presence, solopreneurship, alternative healthcare, spirituality/yoga, (single) parenting and topics related to older adults. Community building is also an important to her; she is a founding member of the San Francisco Eves. She believes some of her best ideas grow out of offline conversations. If you have story ideas or tips, please e-mail her at: [email protected] You can also follow her on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/annacolibri


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