10 Kitchen Gadgets You Don’t Need

Kitchen Gadgets

When you’re in the kitchen, especially with kids, anything that can make your life simpler is always welcomed. It’s hard to whip up a great meal or snack when you don’t have the right tools. But, sometimes the kitchen gadgets with the best intentions are pretty much useless. In fact, they can take up more space and can actually waste your time because you’re trying to figure out how to use them.

Kitchen GadgetsI have to admit, I actually have, or should I say had, some of these gadgets. Where are they now? Either in the back of some cabinet or in the trash!

Here are some gadgets you may want to leave on the store shelf:

    • Butter Spreader– We all know spreading butter on corn on the cob can be a pain and a bit messy. But, it doesn’t warrant its own gadget. You can cut off some butter and hold it in a napkin or plastic wrap. It spreads just as well minus a major mess.
      • Banana Slicer- I didn’t even know this gadget existed. I’ve been slicing bananas in a dish with a knife for the longest time. Guess what? It works! This gadget promises to speed up the slicing process. But honestly, how long does it take to slice a banana?
        • Stuffed Hamburger Maker- Guilty as charged with this one! While this gadget may look like something fun and yummy, it can be a pain to use. The meat often sticks even if you spray it. Plus, it makes gigantic burgers! A lot goes to waste, especially if you’re using it to cook for the little ones.
          • Fondue Set– Do you really need a special pot to melt chocolate or cheese? You can melt it on the stove or microwave just as well. You can also use a fork for dipping. This gadget takes a lot of space and is really obsolete. Yes, I have one of these too!
            • Smoothie Maker- While this product may make delicious healthy drinks, a simple blender can do the same job. I got one of these for my bridal shower and thought it was the best gift ever. Truth be told, my blender did a better job at mixing my drink. Plus, who has room for two blenders on the counter or in the cabinet?
              • Milk Carton Holder- Add this to the list of gadgets I didn’t even know existed. Although this gadget is inexpensive, it is pointless. For years, people poured cartons of milk and orange juice with no problems, so why do we need a special tool to do it now?
                • Egg Cracker-Yes, cracking an egg can be annoying, especially when a shell falls in. Separating the yolk can be even trickier, but I don’t know if it requires its own gadget. Just take your time and crack the egg first before putting in other ingredients so it’s easier to take out a shell if one falls in.
                  • Pizza Scissors– It’s a scissors and a pizza cutter in one…one gadget you don’t really need. A regular kitchen scissors will do the same thing if you don’t want to use a pizza cutter.
                    • Avocado Slicer- This is one of those gadgets that actually intimidates me by just looking at it. Scooping out an avocado isn’t actually that hard. You just need a spoon. If you prefer avocado slices, a knife also works just as well. This is just one of those gadgets that you can do without.
                      • Spoon Rest– No one wants to get their counters dirty, but a spoon rest may not be the answer. A small dish does the same thing. Add this to the list of things that takes up space and doesn’t really work all that well. The next time you’re tempted to buy a gadget “you can’t live without”, think what else you could use to get the job done. Chances are you already have it at home. You’ll not only save space, but also money!

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