10 Lessons We Can Learn From Roses

10 Lessons We Can Learn From Roses

10 Lessons We Can Learn From Roses

We all appreciate the beauty of roses, but they also have a lot of wisdom to impart.

Number 1: Given the right conditions every rosebud will open up into a beautiful bloom.

What are the right conditions for you to open up and bloom? Is it about time, education, support, resources, mindset?

Write a list of what you need to make your dreams flourish.

Number 2: We all needs periods of dormancy to replenish our gifts in order to burst forth and bloom come the Spring.

What are you doing to replenish your gifts?  Welcome the quiet times to build your inner resilience, meditate, observe regular sleeping patterns, have some downtime from your electronic gadgetry.

Number 3: The rose has thorns to protect itself from harm/predators.

What are your thorns? The ability to say no, a set of guidlines/ethics that can’t be questioned, confidence in yourself?

Number 4: The rose is beautiful at each stage of its lifecycle from bud to bloom.

Don’t think that everything will be perfect once you achieve a certain level of success.  Everyday that you work towards your goals is a measure of success.  Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Number 5: Each rose is part of a continuous cycle.

Recognise that things in life are cyclical.  There will be quiet times and times when things come to fuition, there will be endings and new beginnings.

Number 6: Take the time to smell the roses.

How do you take time out from the busyness.  Practice mindfulness in your day to day activities. Really concentrate on the task at hand.  Minimise distractions.

Number 7: Roses reach up towards the light and need a certain number of hours of sunlight a day to prosper.

What is the light you reach up towards, is it a bright, shining goal, what inspires you?  Surround yourself with positive people, have a positive visualisation of your desired outcome.  Are you focussing on the light?

Number 8: Roses need to be pruned each year to encourage new growth and more flowers.

What dead wood do you need to prune, what old habits are no longer serving you, what do you need to leave behind to move forward?

Number 9: All roses are beautiful, be it the perfection of a hothouse bloom or the exuberance of a wild rose.

Recognise your own beauty and the beauty of others and that we are all different.

Number 10: Roses demand attention through their showy blooms and seductive fragrance.

Make sure that your effort don’t go unnoticed.  Don’t be afraid to tell your story and share your gifts with others.

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