10 Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs

Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network event - NYC

In terms of networking opportunity, and the excitement and ingenuity that can be sparked by great motivational speaker, nothing beats a really good conference. Here are 10 awesome conferences that are sure to motivate entrepreneurs in many different fields.

World Domination Summit will next be held in Portland, Oregon, in July 2017. The World Domination Summit helps business leaders ask how to live remarkably in a conventional world. “Core principles of Community, Adventure, and Service” shape each World Domination Summit‘s schedule.
SXSWi South by Southwest, held in Austin, Texas each March, may be primarily known as a music and film event, but the interactive track (SXSWi) also includes sessions on marketing, brands, design, workplace, and the tech industry. An event that gathers this many people is not to be missed, and the business side of SXSWi is growing rapidly.
CEO Space The next CEO Space event will be held March 14-18, 2017 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. CEO Space provides ongoing lectures and classes for members, and “through the values of partnership and cooperation, [fosters] a new generation of enlightened business leaders around the world”. With multiple classes and events focusing on different aspects of leadership, CEO Space provides a wide variety of options.
GrowthCon is a digital growth conference, with 2017 dates to be determined. Providing four specialized tracks with the goal of “improving sales, marketing, and enablement”, GrowthCon gives attendees lots of information and strategies for growing their businesses digitally.
Global Leadership Summit The GLS is held in August each year, and is telecast from Chicago to more than 500 locations, making it easy to attend locally. Providing panels and lectures by world class business and religious leaders, GLS is both inspiring and motivating for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Secret Knock is an invitation-only event recognized by Forbes as being a “must attend” event for entrepreneurs. The next Secret Knock event will be held May 22-23, 2017. Apply for an invitation here.

ICON bills itself as “the ultimate small business conference”. Next being held in Phoenix, Arizona from April 25-27, 2017, ICON seeks to provide strategies, creative problem solving, and big ideas to help small business owners take their businesses to the next level.

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

SheLeads Media is specifically geared at reaching female entrepreneurs, desiring to showcase women as leaders. Each year SheLeads Media puts on a conference dedicated to “a unique, intimate and thriving community of women leaders and experts who are focused on doing what’s necessary to encourage women to start, launch and grow successful businesses and become leaders in their community.” Details are not available yet for 2017’s event, but be sure to check the SheLeads Media website soon.

ProBlogger Event Aspiring bloggers may want to combine a vacation with some entrepreneurial training, and attend Australia’s ProBlogger Event. A huge gathering of bloggers each year, “PBEVENT is Australia’s biggest and longest running blogging conference. Every year the majority of tickets sell out in just hours, firmly establishing it as the ‘go to’ event on the blogging community’s calendar for training and networking.” But ProBlogger Event isn’t just for bloggers – it also offers networking and sessions for podcasters, speakers, and all kinds of creative types.
Podcast Movement More than 1500 current and potential podcasters attended Podcast Movement in Chicago in 2016. Geared at helping entrepreneurs launch and maintain successful podcasts, organizers say, “We’ve formatted [Podcast Movement] to cater to anyone who is currently involved with, or looking to get into, podcasting and the podcast industry.” The next Podcast Movement event will be August 23-25, 2017, in Anaheim, California.
Hopefully one of these conferences will be just the jump start you need as an entrepreneur!


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