The 10 SEO Tools Necessary for Every Small Business

Are you about to run your own business? Do you already have one, but it’s not working as expected? Use best free SEO tools for an upgrade.

Seo Tools

How to Upgrade a Small Business Using Best Free SEO Tools

Each and every newcomer in business world worries about the popularity of his website, numbers of visitors, and number or orders. Most popular online tools are created for enterprises with a budget that tend to infinity. What about startups? Is it possible to run an optimization campaign for free?

Everything is possible

Hopefully, there are plenty of free SEO tools for small business ideas with a promising monitoring and search engine ideas. You can find out your target audience’s needs, accumulate top headings and subheadings, create semantic keywords, rich the statistic of the website, evaluate its effectiveness, find weak points and improve them. They have already helped many companies. For example, Australian Writings reached success, which is working and visible due to thoughtful professional work and analysis. The website has:

66% of unique content and 20% of standard content, which makes the service appear on the top of search results;

59 working pages;

Constant flow of clients;

Regular positive customer’s feedback.


Best SEO tools for monitoring

The market is overloaded with various strategies and methods of getting into top ten Google search result. Each service provider has to create a unique system of trying and failing.

There are two types of tools: monitoring and generating.

The following SEO trackers will help a small business holder to gain general statistics and recognize weaknesses without hiring a paid consultant. They are as follows:


Screaming Frog SEO Spider

MOZ open site explorer

Rank Tracker Keyword Tracking for Pros (30 days trial, needs registration)


1. Siteliner

This tool provides a statistics of the web page. It reflects the parentage of unique, duplicated and standard content, some working pages, a number of links and other relevant information. The most valuable information if copied content which should be changed or rewritten for the best results. There is neither registration nor free trial onpage.

2. Screaming Frog

This is another free SEO tool which allows a young company to find broken links, analyze meta data and page titles, extract data, audit redirects, review directives and robots, and find errors. The tool is available in both free and paid versions. This is a desktop program developed for all platforms, that can work in real time. This is also a convenient way to generate reports.

3. MOZ

Fo this one of the SEO tools no registration free tool for researching backlinks, building links ideas, tracking potentially malicious links, and finding other possibilities to improve your website. It displays instantly scam score, page authority and domain authority statistics which helps to monitor usability and problems of certain pages or domains. Use it to check if everything is working fine.

4. Rank Tracker Keyword Tracking for Pros

This is a professional helper with the convenient reporting system. This is a keywords tracking which monitors the statistics all over the world and provides a daily report on a current position of various search results. The service provides both free and paid versions for desktop usage with registration and 30 days of trial.

5. lRaven

This is a report-maker which is free only for 14 days. It connects to a single good looking report data from G AdWords, G Analytics, GWT, Bing ads, Twitter, Facebook and many other. The online opportunity is worth trying.

Generating tools

Before creating reports and discovering analytic, the web page must be set up with a high-quality SEO optimized content. Various online opportunities appear unexpectedly helpful. Here are some of them:

6. Answer The Public

What is the most important thing in every start up? Attract client. To attract one, it is necessary to underhand what do they need and which kind of information they are interested in. The tool helps new and existing enterprises to find the important direction of development and keep it. The service is free and provides visitors with stylish results. Clients can download a graphic with questions, prepositions, and text in the alphabetic order generated for the main key phrase.

7. Keyword IO

Online suggester of keywords and phrases. This is a tool number one which is necessary for every company’s web page. Keywords and phrases generator helps newcomers to generate a strong and competitive content which helps for self-promotion in every search engines. It is free and doesn’t need registration.

8. Übersuggest

The online consultant also contributes to creating a list of relevant keywords and phrases which must be used for a working and efficient content. It has a few advantages over the previous one. Ubersuggest offers to search necessary information separately over the web, images, shopping, YouTube, and news. It helps to create the oriented semantic core. With the help of these two be navigated into an endless ocean of information flows.

9. Portent

This is a creative ideas generator for titles, subtitles, catching phrases, refreshing sentences and other. It makes the reader keen on and motivated to obtain more information, products, services, or any other represented content. Use this website to find creative ideas. It is online, free of charge, and creative enough to develop the content.

9. Pablo

The last but not less important tool is Pablo. The service fills SEO-optimized texts and guest posts with bright, high-quality, high-resolution free of charge images. The unique feature allows to add unique text online and download the personalized image without registration. The feature visualizes information. Visualization must be present in any profitable content.


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