10 Smart Apps to Help You Manage Your Work-Life Balance

Most of us know that it is challenging to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. We’ve always had our fair share of days when things seem too much to handle. Twenty-four hours in a day doesn’t seem enough for work, family, and social life. Trying to find ample time for each can get nerve-wracking. As difficult as it may be, there’s no other way to balance work and life, but to manage your time.

Schedules are good, but it may not work for everyone. Thankfully, we are in an age where technology can be dependable in making lives easier. We’ve listed down ten apps that can help you achieve that healthy work-life balance.


Being too busy can make us easily lose track of time. Time is too precious to waste, especially if you are following a schedule.

For better time management, you can check out Timeneye. The simple, no-frills interface is so easy to use, you won’t have a hard time tracking the time you spend on each of your activity.

It can track time simultaneously for different projects, which is perfect whether you’re an independent worker or a team player. You also have the option to use an automated timer, or manually enter your time entries.

What makes Timeneye better is that it can actually suggest a time entry for you based on your habits and record.


It pays to be organized when you are juggling work and your personal life.

Lists are great to keep a record of the things that you need to do, and the goals you have to accomplish. This is where Wunderlist can be handy! It is a to-do list, planner, and organizer in one app, making it the perfect buddy for keeping your day in the track.

You can also set up due dates and reminders to ensure that you deliver a task on time. Wunderlist is also great for working on team projects or running the household since you can delegate tasks and share your list with your members.


Juggling too many things can easily turn you into an irate person. When your workload has become too overwhelming, stress becomes inevitable. And as we all know, stress affects our cognitive, physical, emotional, and behavioral patterns.

But do not fear because Stress Tracker is here! A cheaper yet efficient alternative to counseling sessions, the app helps you deal with your daily stress. It tracks your stress levels from day to day and notes the source of stress, symptoms, mood, and insights.

Through the data you input, the app can identify the major stress triggers in your life, so you will know what to avoid, thereby lessening its negative impact on your lifestyle.


Managing time can be easier if you maintain good habits and lessen the bad ones. But if you find it difficult which of your habits to keep or break, consider downloading and using Way of Life.

Helping you improve yourself, Way of Life allows you to track your habits, spot the bad, and eliminate them. Its visual graphics can give you engaging feedback on the positive and negative trends in your way of living.


No time to hit the gym? It is tough to live a healthy lifestyle when your work consumes almost all of your time.

The next best thing you could do is download the Nike Training Club app, and use it as a guide for workouts you can do at home.

It allows you to log your exercises and training, track your sports activities through a built-in tracker, and even give you a progress report. If you’re feeling unmotivated, you can find inspiration from the thousands of other NTC app users.

6) 30/30

You might be doing a lot of things and be so overwhelmed that you tend to miss out on some tasks or don’t have enough time to get things done.

Now, with the 30/30 app, you won’t have to worry about time management. Simply list down all the tasks that you need to do and the length of time you need to get it done. Once you start the timer, it will then alert you to move on to the next task.

Daily routine ensures you can monitor and implement your productivity goals.


You may be caught unaware that you are wasting precious time when you are out of focus.

The steady workload and deadlines can make focusing on a certain task challenging. It is also difficult to focus when you get easily distracted.

With the Focus Booster app, you can now focus better on the task you’re supposed to do.

Employing the Pomodoro technique that keeps your attention on a single task for a short period, you are encouraged to keep on working before taking a break. This way, you get to finish your work more quickly, while managing stress by having short, frequent breaks.


With the huge workload you are tackling, you might not have enough time for your family.

The Cozi Family Organizer knows what exactly you need to manage your household and attend to your family’s needs. Its calendar keeps track of and coordinates every family member’s schedules, so no one’s special day will slip your mind.

You can also share to-do, grocery, and chore lists among the family members, so even shopping can be made into a family quality time.


To maintain a work-life balance, all the theories of Work-Life balance advise maintaining good health through proper nutrition, daily exercise, and an adequate amount of sleep.

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ensures you get a good night’s sleep by analyzing your sleeping cycle.

It tracks your movement through sound analysis, so it can determine when you are in the light sleep phase of the cycle. Its alarm is designed to wake you up in light sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.

10) MINT

Here’s another fact: money can be quite difficult to earn.

Of course, we work hard to finance our daily living, and still get to enjoy some luxuries. But managing expenses can be taxing. It’s important to become money smart and save for the future.

Mint is a handy tech tool for spending according to the available budget, tracking your expenses, and let you be smart about it. With this app, you can manage all of your bank and credit card statements and receive the notifications for the due bills, the payment you owe, and what’s the limit to pay depending upon available funds.