10 Spooky & Silly Halloween Books for Kids


I love pulling out seasonal books for each holiday, and over the years I’ve developed quite a stash of Halloween themed books for my kids. Here are 10 of our favorites!
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Pick a Circle, Gather Squares
A girl and her family head to a pumpkin farm where they find all kinds of shapes, such as squares (hay bales), ovals (eggs), and diamonds (scarecrow eyes). It has detailed, layered illustrations which offer lots of shape-finding fun. Perfect for ages 3 and up.


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It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!
This is my 3 year old’s favorite I think. Mouse paints 7 pumpkins – one happy, one sad, one scared, etc. It always leads to lots of counting and silly-face-making while we read it. Fun for ages 1-5.


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Eek! Halloween!
This one is a little over the 3 year old’s head, but she still likes it. And it cracks me and my 6 year old up. A group of nervous chickens are alarmed to see things like “a mouse of unusual size” (an elephant, in costume), till a friendly pig explains to them that all the weird things are just because of Halloween. Ages: 3 and up.


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Happy Halloween, Curious George
A series of snippets about George’s holiday traditions, with cute tabs marking each page. This would be great for even the littlest of readers, because you could read just one page at a time if they lose interest. Ages: 0 and up.


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Little Blue Truck’s Halloween
Little Blue Truck (Beep! Beep! Boo!) and his animal friends dress up for a Halloween party. Can you tell who is really the queen? (Cow) Or the pirate? (Rooster) Lift the flaps to find out! It’s very cute, and sure to appeal to fans of Little Blue Truck, but I have a small complaint that the illustrations are kind of dark & autumnal, so I can’t read this one to the kids right before bed – it’s too hard to make out the words in dim lighting. Great for kids of all ages (as long as they’re not little enough to rip flaps out of books!)


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Corduroy’s Halloween
Adorable lift-the-flaps follow Corduroy and his friends as they go to a pumpkin patch, decorate for Halloween, and go trick-or-treating. There’s also a black cat hiding on every page, which is fun to find! Perfect for ages 2 and up.


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Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin
Bright, happy illustrations that toddlers will love and an ironic text that will make parents chuckle. Win-win! Great for any age.


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Happy Halloween, Little Critter!
Perfectly spooky for the littlest readers – Little Critter meets all kind of creepy things at a Halloween party, only to discover that they’re just his friends in costume. Ages 2 and up.


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Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise
Mr. and Mrs. Watson convince their pig Mercy to dress up like a princess for Halloween, by promising her treats. Mercy thinks she’s going to get “toast with a great deal of butter”, and shenanigans ensue when she is offered candy instead. This is a short-ish chapter book – perfect for a beginning reader. But I read it aloud to my 3 year old, and it held her attention for the whole time – probably about 15 minutes. Good for ages 3+ as a read-aloud, or 5+ for reading alone.


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It’s Pumpkin Time!
This one is my favorite. It starts in the summer when the kids plant pumpkin seeds, follows the pumpkin through the year as they grow, and then ends with jack o’ lanterns and some trick or treating. I love the progression!



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