10 Things Being a Cruise Ship Dancer Teaches You About Spirituality

Being a dancer isn’t really a spiritual existence especially on a cruise ship but it provided a huge challenge that really showed the holes in my spiritual practice that we can all work on. Over the last 3 months I have realized 10 useful things that have grown my spirituality by tenfold:

1. Spend time daily outside – never before has it been so easy to stay inside and look insipid. Get outside, make it happen and you will always feel better.
2. Spend time alone – living on top of each other (literally in bunk beds) makes it a challenge to spend time alone in the company of yours truly. Actively planning time to be alone now provides an opportunity for really powerful messages to come through.
3. You always have a choice – In a place that needs a lot of rules for harmony its very empowering to use your power of choice and really actively chose how you react and live.
4. Love your family for who they are – not who you want them to be – as a cast we live like an adult family. We are always going to be us but we work very closely. Acceptance and allowance of how other people are going to be is key to harmony in our family.
5. Spend time exploring possibility – in a confined space it’s very easy to complain about what isn’t right rather than looking for space of see the possibilities. Be active in finding the possibilities and bigger visions for the future.
6. You make your space beautiful – every time I have moved I have always felt disjointed until I make the space my own. It needs it, you need it and other people notice it. We always get comments on how lovely and spacious our cabin is because of the energy we put into it.
7. You can help – every night I do a mini prayer/meditation for my cast and those who need it. I imagine white and pink light surrounding those that need it to make life easier for the rest of us involved. It always helps and you stop being annoyed at the people that are being challenged at the moment.
8. Have compassion for everybody – there is always someone out there that would love to have our worst day ever. Never before have I been so grateful for my life the way it is because I see the alternative in front of me every day. I always greet and smile to those lovely people that are doing a job I couldn’t.
9. Have something interesting to do – having an outside life is super important for realizing how piddley some of your ‘problems’ are. If you have something more interesting to focus on other than your job/kids/husband/outside work (no matter how lovely they are) then it’s a great escape and human feeling world to go into and just revel in being you.
10. Give quality time – simply being there or with other people doesn’t mean that you will develop a relationship with them or make them feel great. Spending your attention wisely and with focus will create relationships that give love.

Self love, Spirituality and Growth is an interesting path full of bumps on the road and is definitely more than this little list here so now I want to know where have you gained spirituality from that’s unusual?
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Love and Sweet Dreams


Rebecca Hulse is a life coach, dancer, dreamer and encourager of all possibilities. She blogs and offers her free ebook about her journey to the life of her dreams at rebeccahulse.com


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