Fail Forward

Hello. My name is Sarah. You are probably wondering, “Well, what’s this girl got to teach me? She’s only 22.” You are probably right. However, I think that wisdom is timeless. So, here goes nothing. 10 things I’ve learned at 22. I would have called it 22 things I’ve learned at 22 but I wanted you to actually get through the list.

1. Find Yourself. Now is the time to develop and establish who you are and what you want.
2. Don’t Settle- On a job, a program, a significant other or any area of your life. If it’s not what you want, keep looking.
3. “Fail Forward”- This is advice from an entrepreneur actually who tried everything. I’ve thought I found love and lost it a million times. I thought I found my path then changed my mind a million times. Life goes on. Now, I’m not afraid of change or failure.
4. Appreciate Your Family- There is a drive for ambition and independence. But when I realized that I wanted to change career paths and leave a program, I had to come back home. It created a whole new relationship with my parents. One solely on appreciation.
5. Be Happy. I know this sounds silly but you need to be happy. Do things that make you feel that way. For me, I feel really good after I write or do things that I’m proud of. If you know what makes you happy, you can conquer the world.
6. Be Smart- Show skepticism, be researched and ask questions. Don’t fall into any ideology or belief system without doing just that. Don’t fall for any person or situation that could not be everything it seems. Logic comes before emotions. Emotions can be deceiving.
7. Open Yourself Up- Tell people about your journey, your fears and wants! If you play perfect, no one will care. If you share your insecurities, then others can relate to you and also find solace in that they aren’t alone. If you go it alone things will be harder.
8. Life is Comedy- LAUGH! Something failed? You made a mistake? You have to laugh. You overdid something? You fell too hard then found an incredible deal breaker? So what? Laugh. We all do silly irrational things. It’s what makes us human.
9. Find What You’re Good At.. And Stick to It. You know there are two songs that go with this. “Simple Man” an d “Waterfall.” Both relay the message not to get caught up in what is shiny.
10. Value Whats Real- Enjoy a sunrise, a walk outside, goofing off, going for your ambitions whether you achieve all of them or not and being in the moment. No one can tell you how to live this life. It’s not up to anyone else to do that for you. So right now remember that you are alive. That’s what you need to keep in mind. Without life you cannot do anything. So appreciate that. And go for your dreams. Don’t worry what anyone else says about it.

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