10 Things You Don’t Need as a New Mom

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Being a new mom is blissful, tiring, and stressful all swaddled into one little miracle that keeps you up all night and smiling all day.
With that said there are so many things you actually do need by a New Mom that it’s hard to figure out what you don’t. So, what can you skip? After two tours of duty in the trenches of motherhood, here are my suggestions:
Diaper Genie
This is just a glorified garbage can for your dirty diapers. Unless a real genie is going to pop out and change your baby’s diaper, you can cross this one off your list. Stick to your traditional garbage can and just make more frequent trips to the trash.
Baby Wipe Warmer
File this one under, who has the time? Unless you’re storing your baby wipes in the freezer, your baby will be just fine with wipes that are room temperature.
Bottle Warmer
While you don’t want to give your baby cold breast milk or formula, you don’t need a special bottle warmer. Our mothers did just fine with some heated up water from the stove. Stick the bottle in a pot or mug of hot water and your bottle will warm up just fine and for a fraction of the cost.
Formula Mixer
Did you know there is a gadget that will shake the formula and water for you? Not only is this silly, it’s expensive. Many models can run you close to $150! What happened to just mixing and shaking it yourself? Save the money for the baby’s college fund.
Changing Table
Unless the changing table folds up into your diaper bag, this is a waste of money. I can count the times on one hand that I used my changing table. Even during my second time around, I still hardly used the thing. In reality it is a waste of space and money. A changing pad and a floor work just as good if not better. At least if your baby is on the floor you won’t have a heart attack every time he or she moves while you’re mid-diaper. I was always afraid my child was going to roll off the table no matter how well I held on to her!
Bath Thermometer
I didn’t even know these things existed pre-kids. Why would I need a thermometer to tell me the bath water was too hot for my baby? I can stick my hand in and tell myself. If it’s even mildly too warm for my momma hands, then it is definitely too warm for my little one’s skin. Common sense people, common sense. Again, save your money.
Diaper Stacker
Let’s buy a pretty little mini closet for the diapers so that you can fumble around in the middle of the night when you desperately need one. Maybe you can hang it on the changing table you’re not using? This is just one of those things that doesn’t make sense. Use a drawer or just keep an open box handy. It’s all about being practical here, not fancy.
Old School High Chair
Although Grandma may insist that junior needs an old school high chair, he doesn’t. You can get away with something like a travel model that clips to a table. Not only will it take up less space, but you can take it with you when you go out. This is great because who wants to use those grubby ones at restaurants? Buy one travel model and you take care of two problems at once.
Designer Baby Clothes
Why break the bank on designer clothes that your baby is just going to spit all over? If you’re not buying designer duds for yourself, then why are you buying them for someone who can’t go to the bathroom themselves? Babies are messy and do messy things. They sometimes do things that no detergent or stain fighter could ever get out even if you wash the clothes a thousand times. Save your money here and think practically.
Baby Shoes
Why buy shoes for someone who can’t even walk? Baby booties or socks will be just fine. Many times babies kick so much that you end up losing the shoes and socks anyway.
The bottom line here is to use common sense and not get swept up in the hype. Remember, they’re only babies for a short time and don’t need a trailer full of supplies!

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