10 Tips for Accomplishing Your Goals


At this time of year, we are often reflecting on our past and thinking about our future. We set new goals for ourselves that some like to call New Years Resolutions.  Whatever you call them they are important to consider.  My reflections have led me to think more about my accomplishments this past year, both professionally and personally.  Fortunately, I can say that I am feeling very accomplished in 2014. This led me to think more deeply about the idea of accomplishment as I look ahead to the new year.

Accomplishment can mean different things at different times in your life.  For some, an accomplishment is merely getting out of bed or getting to work on time. These are examples of successful achievements of specific tasks.  For others, an accomplishment is anything that has been achieved successfully that has required long-term effort. Examples of this are graduating from college, getting married or landing your dream job. Essentially accomplishment is anything that has been achieved successfully and is recognized by yourself personally or publicly by others.

Accomplishment makes people feel good.  When one feels accomplished they experience pride and joy.  People often share their accomplishments with others and this can sometimes be perceived as boasting. I encourage you to consider thinking about this as more likely wanting to motivate and empower others to aim high. At least that is my experience. Accomplishment leaves people with the feeling that they have a sense of purpose and that they are achieving things in their life which give their existence a deeper meaning.  

Most of us experience days where we can feel truly accomplished in so many ways.  Other days we may feel we have achieved very little. People often perceive me as accomplishing a great deal and some have actually asked me if I ever sleep.  I can agree that sometimes I have too many balls in the air, no doubt.  However, for the most part these balls are what keep my soul the happiest.  

Here are some tips to help you feel more accomplished in your life.   


1. Think small. Not all accomplishments need to be big.  Appreciate the small tasks you complete whether you do them once or on a regular basis. 

2. Prioritize.  Are you juggling a lot of balls? To keep them all up, you need to choose which ball needs your attention and when.  Not all of the balls can be reaching the same height at the same time. Which one is at risk of hitting the ground first?  This is the ball that needs your attention as soon as possible.

3. Set timelines.  Set goals for yourself each day and identify how much time you have to spend on a task BEFORE you get started. As often as possible stick to your timelines.  Be your own taskmaster.

4. Empower yourself. Know that you can accomplish a lot in 5-15 minutes.  I experience this often with household tasks. If you have 15 minutes it is up to you to decide how to use it.  Do you want to accomplish 3 or 4 little tasks in 15 minutes or would you feel better devoting 15 minutes to a larger goal or outcome?

5. Accomplishments have value. Ask yourself what value does this task have?  For example, cooking for some may not be a favoured past time.  However, there is something to be said about self-care. Since many of us are so busy, looking after ourselves on a regular basis is an important accomplishment. Make your health a priority.

6. Identify what fuels your energy, What makes you feel good?  Is it helping others, a quiet walk, or completing a household chore?  Be sure to have elements of whatever makes you feel good each and every day.  This is sure to lead to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when you’re putting your desires first.

7. Sometimes saying “no” is necessary. Know when to say “no” or “maybe next time”. Some opportunities are time sensitive and require a great deal of thought before declining.  However, over-scheduling yourself can lead to reduced feelings of accomplishment. You may be a slave to many but a master to none. Sometimes saying “no” is necessary.  

8.  Mix it up!  The balls you have in the air should feed your soul.  Family, friends, work, volunteer projects, time to yourself – whatever you choose to spend your time doing it should feel meaningful and feel good.  If it doesn’t? Rethink it! 

9. Strive for balance.  Be sure to identify your accomplishments in all areas of your life.  If one area feels abandoned add this to your priority list.  

10. Celebrate!  Share your accomplishments with people big or small.  Perhaps you will inspire others to think about their own accomplishments in a different way.

As I look forward to 2015 I see great things ahead.  I have been inspired by many to think outside the box and try new things. Today I am feeling accomplished as this blog post is a commitment to my personal goal of blogging.  I look forward to inspiring others as I emerge into a better writer and thinker on topics that are especially meaningful to me and hopefully to you as well.

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