10 Tips For Getting Pregnant

You and your partner have decided that it is time to start thinking about making your twosome into a threesome. Although choosing to have a baby sounds easy enough, there are some helpful tips for getting pregnant that may make the process go a bit faster and smoother.

If you are familiar with pregnancy 101, you know that a sperm must penetrate an egg for fertilization to take place. Relax and have fun as you and your partner prepare for pregnancy together. This should be a fun time in your life so enjoy the journey.

So you think you may be pregnant? Before heading off to the doctor, check out these early signs of pregnancy.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #1 – Have sex during your window of fertility will increase your odds of achieving pregnancy. It is important to know the day you ovulate. To figure out the exact day you ovulated, count back 14 days from the day you started your period. The “fertility window” usually opens five days before ovulation and closes on the day of ovulation.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #2 – Stop using any form of birth control. You may not be fertile immediately after stopping birth control as your body needs some time to return hormone levels to a normal cycle. To find out what happens to your body after you go off the pill, click here.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #3 – Reduce your stress levels. Elevated levels of cortisol have shown to impact ovulation and fertility negatively. Try not to get all caught up in the science of making a baby. Relax and have fun trying.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #4 – You and your partner should go see a doctor if you are under age 35 and have not become pregnant after one year, or after six months if over 35. The doctor can rule out any health conditions that may be affecting your fertility. It takes two to make a baby and all parts need to be in good working order.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #5 – Stay away from using drugs, drinking excessive alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and indulging in too much caffeine.You may also think about preparing your body for pregnancy with a good supply of folic acid by taking a prenatal vitamin.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #6 – Avoid fad diets and diets that lead to extremes in your weight. Eat healthy foods, limit your consumption of artificial sweeteners, and consult your physician to start a daily exercise routine if you are not already doing so.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #7 – Don’t obsess about having sex several times per day. The sperm count, in a man, can decrease if you engage in too much sex (and that may hurt your chances to get pregnant). Have sex once a day or every other day, four to six days before ovulation and then four to six days following ovulation. Sperm can live inside your body between 24 and 48 hours after sex.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #8 – Use a hand-held Fertility Monitor to monitor your saliva and/or cervical mucus. It can determine the most fertile days in your cycle, and it will tell you the day ovulation took place so you can plan your baby-making sex accordingly.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #9 – Use an Ovulation Calendar Wheel to provide you with daily information on your ovulation and fertility. Based on your individual cycle length, the ovulation calendar identifies the day ovulation will occur, and the days you are most fertile. Again, this makes your sexual intercourse more productive and will lead to pregnancy.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #10 – Use the LH Ovulation Test Strips or Midstream test. They are designed to detect the spike in the Luteinizing Hormone that precedes ovulation. Conception is likely within 36 hours following, what is known as, the “LH Surge.”

Hopefully, if you follow a few tips for getting pregnant, you will have fun trying to conceive and a baby will be in your not so distant future. Have sex with your partner during your most fertile time, eat healthy and exercise, relax, and don’t stress. Avoid unhealthy behaviors such as drinking excessive alcohol, smoking, and indulging in too much caffeine. Good Luck!


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