10 Tips for Making Money with eBay



We all have plenty of unwanted rubbish in our garages, attics and homes and many of us scratch our heads when we’ve to think about what to do with it.


Many of the items we own are too good to throw out, but wouldn’t know how to sell them on to someone. Well, there this is where eBay comes to the fore. The online auction site is a great way to clear closets, can be a fantastic place to start a side-line business or even be the backbone of a career change.


Often people don’t realise that it’s not as easy as just listing an item on eBay for it to sell – there’s often a bit more to it than that. However, we’ve compiled a list of some great tips and tricks to help people sell through the site.


Take lots of photos and add them to the listing. If you use stock photos people tend to get suspicious and it doesn’t really inspire confidence. Make sure to use good quality images that show the item at its best.


The more details you fill in about the item in eBay the better the chance it’s going to show up in the searches. By providing eBay with lots of information about the item you’re giving yourself a far better chance of the item being seen and in turn you are selling it.


The title sells the product and it also helps the item in eBay search. By adding a catchy title with a keyword within you can greatly increase the chance of the item being seen. Popular keywords and specific details help an item improve its position in a listing.


By providing honest descriptions you prevent issues in the future that could be seen as being a problem. Honest descriptions ensure that you receive good feedback and in turn also improve your standings in eBay for future sales.


Feedback is important in the eBay community and if you have a poor or zero feedback then buyers are often going to be a little wary of your efforts. If you’re going to do a large clear out then sell the cheaper items first as they go faster, allowing you to improve feedback.

People Love Stuff

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and you’d be amazed at what you have lying around that people are happy to buy. If it’s old, battered or obsolete someone may still want it. If you’re going to make some extra money via a venture on eBay then taking a look at a marketing strategy could be a good idea and herald good results.


When selling on eBay make sure to consider your overheads. This can include postage and packaging, so consult the Royal Mail or Whistl if in the UK to get an idea of the price. Alternatively, try a delivery company.

Prompt Postage

Ensure that your postage is prompt as otherwise you may end up annoying a buyer and in turn receive poor feedback. There are plenty of prompt parcel delivery companies around. The choice you need to make is whether you go for a private company or one with a public leaning.


Sunday evening tends to be the busiest time for people on eBay – so it’s a good idea to schedule auctions for that time. Ideally, avoid week mornings or times when people will be busy doing other things.

Buy it Now

If you just wish to sell it then add a buy it now button to the item. It’s likely that someone will wish to bypass the option if you make it a good deal and buy the item up.

These tips will help anyone hoping to sell items or making money from eBay do it with a little more knowhow and savvy.

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