10 Valentine Books Kids Will Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Before your kids get all hopped up on sugary treats, take a little time to read them a few Valentine’s books, which will help you all get in the holiday spirit, and is sure to inspire love — of reading! — on their part.
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Happy Valentine’s Day Dolores. Dolores is up to her usual mischief with the help of her cat Duncan; this time revolving around a Valentine necklace she “borrowed” from her sister Faye’s drawer, and then lost. Although I’m not sure that it necessarily teaches the best lessons, the illustrations are extremely cute, and my kids think it’s super hilarious.

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10 Valentine Friends. 10 little friends make cute cards for each other. It’s a fun little counting story, and I like how the kids draw pictures they think each other will like, “Annie Lee knows how Pete likes bugs, he’ll really dig her squishy slugs!”
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The Ballad of Valentine. This one is a sweet story of a hapless beau as he tries to connect with his love named Valentine, with a text written to the tune of Oh My Darlin’ Clementine. I really like the story, the down-homey pictures, and the fact that Valentine finally makes a move on her beau (But fair warning: you WILL be singing Oh My Darlin’ Clementine all day after reading it).
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Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! This adorable board book is sure to be a hit with the youngest of readers. Mouse is always tons of fun, especially when he’s making valentines for all of his friends!
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I Spy Little Hearts. This is standard I Spy fare; but with a rhyming text and small hearts to find on each page. My three-year-old is obsessed with “finding books”, and she loves looking through this one to find the hearts.
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Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime. The hilarious kindergartner Junie B. thinks that “Valentimes” Day is the best. But then she gets a big, mushy card from a secret admirer! Who sent Junie the ‘valentime’?? If your kids aren’t old enough to read Junie B. on their own, she makes for great read-alouds!
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The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart. This is the first Very Fairy Princess book we ever read, and we became big fans of the whole series! Gerry is a sweet, super-accessorized little girl, who makes beautiful Valentines for all her classmates, even Connor, who pulls her hair (“because a fairy princess is always gracious”). But when Gerry mistakenly takes her dad’s work papers to school instead of her Valentines, she’s distraught… until she comes up with a properly princessy solution to her problem. Gorgeous illustrations, co-written by Julie Andrews, and a good message? Win-win-win.
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Ruby Valentine and the Sweet Surprise. Ruby and Lovebird are the best of friends till Ruby gets a new cat. When Valentine’s Day arrives her two pets try to out-do each other in preparing surprises for Ruby. Can Ruby show them she has enough love for two pets? This one is cute, and I like that it’s love between a person and her pets instead of being romantic or anything!
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Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown! This level two ready-to-read book is simple enough for beginning readers, and kids are sure to love the familiar Charlie Brown — who is trying to work up the courage to give a Valentine to the Little Red-Haired Girl.
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Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart. Nancy is always fancy, but Valentine’s Day calls for extra flair! And, she has a Valentine’s mystery to solve! Who sent her the fancy valentine? Any fancy, frill-loving girl in your life will love this one!

I hope these have given you ideas of fun books to look for at the library in the next few weeks. Or, surprise your little valentine with a book gift on February 14th this year!


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