11 Cost-Effective Tools for Business

As a business owner, it’s always great to find cost-effective tools that solve issues and make your life easier.

Great tools at your fingertips . . . are you taking advantage of them? Here are a few:

Big Stock Photo. If you blog, you need royalty-free stock photos. Big Stock Photo is a great option for affordable quality images. With Big Stock you have the option of purchasing images via credits or subscription.

Dropbox. This service practically eliminates the need for a flash drive. It’s an easy way to share files and is especially useful if you have files that are too large to send via email.

Echosign. Echosign features the convenience of e-signatures. You can have contracts signed online as opposed to printing and signing hard copies.

Eminutes. A great online service for entrepreneurs in California and New York. Eminutes incorporates first time entrepreneurs for free – business owner only pays the state filing fee.

GoDaddy. Awesome company for purchasing domains, hosting WordPress, and 24/7 customer service. You can literally call at 3am and a live person will answer the phone! It’s great that you don’t have to depend on the forum format – where you may or may not get your question answered.

Harvest. Harvest is a simple, online program for your team to record its hours and expenses by client or project. The program has a lot of neat features, including apps, Quickbooks and Excel compatibility, and the ability to send estimates and invoices.

Outright. Outright offers online bookkeeping — a simplified alternative to Quickbooks.

Square Reader. A great way to receive payments on the go; allows you and your employees to accept credit cards via iOS and Android devices.

Line 2 (formerly Toktumi). Line 2 offers a great complete phone system for your virtual office; it has cool features including the ability to add extensions. It’s compatible with the Android, iPad, and the iPhone. You can also place and receive calls on your computer.

Wix. (No coding necessary) If you don’t have a web presence, while keeping in mind where you want to go with your internet real estate, Wix is a great place to start with a web site. It now uses HTML 5 (as opposed to Flash) which makes it easy for mobile users to pull up your site. I would recommend that you attach a personalized domain, rather than having Wix in your URL.

WordPress. Another web site option is WordPress. You have two choices: WordPress.com or WordPress.org. With WordPress.org you need a hosting company e.g., Go Daddy, so there is a small fee. WordPress.org has a nice selection of templates and allows more flexibility with regard to customization. WordPress.com is free, no need for a hosting company; however, the templates cannot be customized.

There you have it.

What tools do you use?


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