11 Reasons Why Being Moved to Trash is a Positive

imagesYes, having your latest piece of writing moved to ‘trash’ can be a painful moment, it can dampen your mood, stunt your creativity and may even have you slip deeper and deeper under the covers, vowing to never to put pen to paper again. For the shame endured with rejection, unexplainable and out pop those familiar moments from childhood where you were told you can’t do it, you shouldn’t do it, you’re not able to do it….the humiliation can be enough to silence you….NOT ME & now I will tell you why!

Being moved to ‘trash’ is your moment because…
1) ..It’s your chance to rise above it. Rejection on all levels happens everyday, if every rejection had us take to our bed to never to rise again, we would be better off just not getting out of bed in the first place. It doesn’t mean anything that it doesn’t mean….
2) ..Someone, somewhere read your work & your name! YES PEOPLE, to have your blog move to trash means it had to atleast be read, or at the very least skim read. Not that I advocate skim reading, skim reading is to be reserved for parking meter tickets and other such nuances… to be read means someone read it, absorbed it, analyzed and then unfortunately dumped it, but it was read right?? ..by somebody somewhere???!!
3) ..It will assist with getting a ”thicker” skin. Don’t let the trash become you, or worse still take it as an opportunity to ”trash talk”…listen to me when I say this – it is not a direct hit on you, it is not personal.
4) ..Sometimes your writing is not news worthy, yup I said it, sometimes it does not leave the person reading inspired or moved. It shows you are human, we don’t all produce A-grade type work EVERYDAY…now keep writing…and deal with it
5) ..Forces detachment – the one thing I have learned from being moved to ‘trash’ or trying to find a voice is that it forces a certain detachment from your work. We often treat our writing like little babies, we feed, nurture, dress and feed, nurture, dress again…only for it to grow up and leave to do its own feed/nurture/dress….have your piece of work leave before you grow too attached to it
6) ..Allows you space to think outside your comfort box. It gives you better focus for the target audience. Who is your audience? What do they want? Re-read your work there will be something in it that you feel you could have done different, write it down, and next time you sit to write, embibe this thought and do it different…
7) ..One mans trash is another mans treasure
8) .. With every trash-received-moment, comes a moment of personal breakdown, with a breakdown comes a personal breakthrough…enjoy the breakdown, feel the breakdown and as you embrace the moment of down, out will come your moment of high and out is born a breakthrough.
9) ..It makes getting published sweeter…
10) ..There is nothing worse than having your name attached to a piece of work that doesn’t represent YOU, if someone has not approved your work, maybe they’re doing you a favor?
11) ..I don’t know you fill this one in, there’s got to be something I missed, because I am human, and hey, if there isn’t then I dare you…move me to trash!

I am a Personal fashion stylist, Nutritionist, Speaker, Writer, personal shopper volunteer at Dress for Success.
My Focus: Have women create their own brand, voice, style & confidence.


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