12 insights on the emotional marketing revolution from Seth Godin

godinWant to learn from one of the best social media marketers and business leaders?

Seth Godin was the guest on a webinar organized by Vocus, a provider of cloud marketing software.  The best-selling author has shared his thoughts on social media marketing, creativity, and business relationships.

According to Godin, the Energy, Industrial, and Mass Media revolutions have given way to the “revolution of our time, the revolution of connection.”

Here are 12 takeaways on the human connection in digital marketing:

  1. “The only asset you can build on the Internet is the connection to people. Connection, the idea that someone knows you, trusts you, and works with you, is not new. It’s 1,000 years old, but it’s new because the people marketing Burger King and Procter and Gamble in 1980 didn’t have this ability to hear back from customers.”
  2. “Highlight and cater to small groups of people who care desperately.”
  3. “Marketing and advertising are not the same things. Marketing is making a product or service that’s worth talking about it. Marketing is about telling a story that spreads and resonates with people. We need to think deeply about feelings.”
  4. “The essence of marketing today is to tell a story to people who want to hear it, in a way that resonates with them so they are likely to either respond or connect to you, or tell their friends.”
  5. “Don’t yell to the masses; whisper to a few. People will choose to talk about it. Give away your ideas. When your ideas are widespread and you are trusted, you don’t have trouble making a living.”
  6. “If you’re not ranked first, second, or third on search pages, you’re invisible.”
  7. “What products are you going to make that are worth talking about?”
  8. “Permission marketing is real permission—the privilege, not the right but the privilege—of delivering personal, anticipated, and  relevant stories to people who want to get them. Not to everyone, not by spam or exploiting your company’s privacy policies. But instead by earning one person at a time; it’s the privilege of showing up. Here’s the measure: If the recipient thinks it’s spam, then it’s spam…Here’s how you know if you have the privilege: ‘Would we miss you if you were gone?’”
  9. “The Internet takes word-of-mouth and leverages it by a factor of 1,000…every single day.”
  10. “Remarkable means worth making a remark about.  Not you making a remark because you work for the company. It’s about people making a remark because they choose to, they want to, because they can.”
  11. “We can’t sell everything to everyone. The market has fractured. Instead of radically shifting the way the media has, most companies and charities have only shifted a little. The fast-growing public or private companies who have made a huge impact in the last five years (e-Bay, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon), are built around connecting tribes. Connecting people who share a passion and interest. All human beings want to feel like we are a part of something.”
  12. “If we expect to build connections, we have to expect to be generous. There are no secrets or shortcuts. No one wants to connect to the selfish person.”

Nos. 5 and 8 are among my favorites.

Which points can you relate to? Which ones do you need to improve?


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I missed this webinar and was so glad to see your recap. Great points, and totally agree about 5 & 8.

  2. Seth is about twenty-five years behind the curve. We are moving towards Harmonic Convergence.

    The ‘Collaboration Age’ began with the ‘Information Age’, and encompasses the ‘Social Media Age’ along with the ‘Corroboration Age’.

    Due to Moore’s Law, innovation velocity increases at a rate relative to the technology that affords it.

    What we are experiencing is the equivalent of a 100-car pileup on the (information) Highway. All these “ages” AND the “Clash of Civilizations” have taken place in the past 40 years. All stacked upon each other and over-lapping.

    Society has in turn both run amuck, and been hijacked by extremists (capitalist, christian and islamic). As a result, some of us have taken “two-steps back” to observe the parasitic nature of humans. We have come to the conclusion there are two groups on Earth, Humanity & Society.

    Society is running amuck and has been hijacked by extremists. Killing your fellow man for your own economic pursuits is an acceptable action in Society, however Humanity believes this is a crime against Humanity. Same with dumping plutonium in the ocean. Society is okay with this, however, Humanity believes this is a crime against Humanity.

    So, Humanity is taking back over. Seth Godin’s World is coming to a halt. The ESTABLISHMENT and their ScriptNosis will be replaced by Harmonic Convergence. This is where everyone CONVERGES in HARMONY, where all the mindpower on Earth is working in Harmony to live a Joyous & Happy life free from the Bankers dream of Debt / Wealth / War / Death for all the Earth’s inhabitants.

    Aren’t we a bit immature to still be warring upon are fellow humans?

    Remember, if Humans went extinct then BOTH Religion AND Science have it incorrect: This would mean after all we were CREATED TWICE, or we EVOLVED TWICE.

    Just a little fly-in-the-ointment.

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