12 things you can do right now to supercharge your business

12 things you can do right now to supercharge your business
The lazy days of summer are upon us, and many people in the working world insist that business is dead. Or is it?

Instead of whining that everyone is on vacation or not signing contracts, it’s time to set yourself up for success.

These 12 suggestions will strengthen your business and personal development:

1. Create a short survey for your blog or customers to gather feedback on how you can best serve them.

2. Update your social profiles to be sure each one conveys a clear, concise, and compelling message on why people should do business with you. Hint: Focus on their challenges.

3. Call three local people you haven’t been in touch with in at least six months and schedule coffee or lunch. Offer them a couple of referrals before they ask.

4. Find three new specific ways to market yourself or your organization.

5. Sign up for a class on public speaking. It’s a must for successful business communicators.

6. Record a few short videos or slide decks for your website and be sure to cross-promote them in your social networks.

7. Commit to finding five chats and groups on Twitter and LinkedIn. Target online communities where your ideal clients spend time. Plan to participate in at least two on a regular basis.

8. Learn an alternative to PowerPoint. Are you familiar with Empressr, Sliderocket, Haiku Deck (for iPADs), and Prezi? They are all free, and fun to play around with.

9. Write three handwritten notes to past or current clients expressing gratitude for your work together.

10. Evaluate the goals and plans you created at the beginning of the year. Make adjustments and tweaks as needed so the rest of the year is wildly successful.

11. Read a personal development book or the biography of someone you admire. Concentrate on the traits he or she developed to overcome difficulties.

12. Research contests in your industry that you may be eligible for and mark your calendar for awards submission deadlines.

Do you have tips to add to the list?

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