13 reasons why social media is for mothers

DSC04471 social media mothers
(My kids- Stephanie and Danny, 2008, Pt. Pleasant, NJ)

Social Media is for Mothers: Flowers, breakfast in bed, and lovely cards are the tradition on Mother’s Day.

But for contemporary digital mom’s, we have different lives. Our days are filled with estrogen and technology.

This is how motherhood and social media converge.

1. We Pin (trest). We decorate, make things attractive, and keep our areas looking interesting. We collect, we share, we admire. Remember what mother always said about first impressions?

2. We curate. We make sense of the information and confusion around us. When the PC or gadgets are down, we reorganize the silverware drawer. Because that’s what we do.

3. We go beyond a mere ‘like’ on Facebook. We love. We love our partners, kids, parents, siblings, pets, and a frothy margarita. Admittedly, we love finding out little nuggets of gossip and news from that dreadful witch from high school who has popped up on Facebook. Which poet wrote that love has no boundaries?

4. We share on Instagram. We have an eye for capturing a moment. Why keep it to ourselves? Next up: 16mm films from our family trip to the Grand Canyon, circa 1971.

5. We Google+ but we are sharp enough to know that going in circles can be counterproductive.

6. We Digg. We’re happy to tell others about our wonderful experiences. Sometimes we keep score with Klout. Other times we Yelp. But we never shriek. It’s all good.

7. We chat. We have something to add to the hashtag and conversation, and damn it, we’re going to type it! Chatty Cathy, who? Watch out, sister.

8. We flip. We use our flip cams and videos to document what we see and how we feel. Just in case no one would believe us without cold, hard proof.

9. We bitch on our blogs (if we feel like it). That’s what’s nice about having a diary or soapbox. Sometimes we just have to go on a rip. Then we’re done. On we go.

10. We feed, RSS style. We nourish our followers and friends with our business acumen, life lessons, and smarts.

11. We Tumble (Tumblr). Just like the guys, we trip and fall. Truth be told, sometimes we get in our own way and trip ourselves up. But we always scrape ourselves off the ground, and carry on. It helps to know our online sisters have our backs. Those crazy mothers!

12. We Kindle. We understand that the power of reading and words can spark something special in each of us. We embrace it.

13. We Photoshop, but never at the expense of our egos or setting a bad example for the digital natives. We can crop and adjust contrast, but we leave our blemishes, wrinkles, and crooked smiles. After all, we are the real deal.

And let’s remember that all mothers are working mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Photo credit: © Luis Carlos Torres | Dreamstime.com


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