17 Reasons to Attend Direct Sales Trainings

The number one question I get asked by new Consultants is “Do I have to attend trainings?” 

Do you want to learn the business you are trying to start? Do you want to be successful? No matter if you call them trainings, meetings, boot camps, or conferences, the answer is: “OF COURSE YOU NEED TO ATTEND!”

Need more than just my word to make you show up? Here are 17 reasons to attend Direct Sales trainings:

1. YOU NEED TO LEARN THE SKILLS. If you were going to be a nurse, you would not just show up at the hospital in scrubs & say “I am here & ready to nurse!” You would do the work that’s involved to learn the skills.

2. YOU OWE IT TO YOUR CLIENTS. Have you ever been to a home party and the Consultant seemed to have no knowledge about the products or no finesse about conducting a party? These are things that can be LEARNED, and the best place to learn them is at a training done by those who have walked before you.

3. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF. Increasing your skill set will help you not only in your Direct Sales business, but also in other aspects of your life. By growing that skill set you can now update your resume, feel more confident in front of people, and grow into an expert in your field. 

4. THE CONNECTIONS YOU MAKE ARE PRICELESS. Just like in any industry, WHO you know is often more important than WHAT you know. When you meet others in your company, suddenly you have a network of peers who can help you solve problems, find events, and serve as your support group, too. 

5. THIS IS A JOB. There is no “magic business” or “get rich quick” when it comes to Direct Sales. Just like with any job, you need to put the hours in to get the rewards out.

6. EVEN DOCTORS HAVE ONGOING EDUCATION. Teachers, doctors, surgeons, and other professionals make time for ongoing education, and so should you. 

7. ONE TIP CAN CARRY YOU FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. One new idea is all it takes to reignite your spark and help boost your business!

8. THE MEETING NEEDS YOU. If you are having a great run of business or you have one new idea to share, then the meeting actually NEEDS YOU. Your energy and ideas can be the spark that helps someone else.

9. IT BRINGS YOUR FOCUS BACK. Let’s face it, life is BUSY, and if you don’t take time to stop and refocus on your business, suddenly one month slips into the next and before you know it you won’t have a business. 

10. STAY CURRENT. Things change, new ideas are born, and you want to be on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest info!

11. PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PUT TIME INTO YOU. Whether the meeting is held by your sponsor or someone else in your industry, that person has put time and effort into creating a great training FOR YOU. Be willing to show up and accept their efforts.

12. GRAB SOME ENERGY. If you need a zap of fresh energy, surrounding yourself with the movers in your business is the sure way to get it!

13. YOU WOULDN’T LET YOUR KIDS MISS PRACTICE. You make your kids show up for classes, practices, and the events that will build their skills, so hold yourself to the same standards.

14. SEE THINGS IN A NEW LIGHT. If the only data you have on your business is your own, then you may be missing some fresh new perspectives. 

15. IT KEEPS YOU FROM BEING LONELY. Sometimes being in business for yourself can feel lonely. When you make connections with others you realize you are not alone in the struggles you are facing and that can help you get over your hurdles.

16. HAVE FUN! Some of the best belly laughs you will have will come from being around others in your field. Show up & crack a smile…your business will thank you!

17. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS SERIOUSLY AND OTHERS WILL TOO. One of the hardest things to overcome in a business like this is the perception that you don’t have a “real job”. When your family, friends, and clients see that you treat your job with respect, when they see you schedule in time for growth and development, when they see that you SHOW UP for meetings, then they will also see that you are a serious professional!

No matter the reason why you choose to attend…whether it’s fun, friends, skill-building, or an energy boost, I am going tochallenge you to attend every training that is available to you in the next 6 months. Then, take a look back at what your business looked like before you made that commitment & after you made it, and I am certain you will see a big difference!

Happy Growing!~ Kim Denne

Kim Denne has 20 years of Direct Sales experience, and is still working in the field as a seller and a Sr. Team Mentor of a $1.2M team. Find more Direct Sales tips at her blog, www.FoodandHappinessbyKimDenne.com. She can also be found at www.Pinterest.com/KimDenne, www.Facebook.com/KimDenneTS and on Twitter: @KimDenne.

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