20 Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life

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Traveling is one of things that you get better at the more you do it.  If you hardly ever travel, you don’t have any of those great insider tips that are supposed to save you time, money, and make your whole vacation more enjoyable.  Likewise, people who travel all the time are something like travel wizards.  They have tips and tricks just pouring out of them.

Well, even if you’re not that experienced in the travel arts, we’ve got some extremely helpful travel tips for you.

#1: Pack half as much as you think you need.

You can always wash the clothes you bring with you, wear them a second day (oh, the horror!) or buy toiletries locally. If you can’t control yourself try these cool space savers.

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#2: Bring a journal along.

Write down your thoughts, the little things you want to remember, and whatever else comes to mind.  You’ll have photos to try and remember the trip, but when your memory of all the other things fades, you’ll be glad you had the journal.

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#3: Be patient!

Flight delayed?  Missed a train?  Long line to get into the museum?  Don’t sweat it.  That’s just part of life.

#4: Take more cash than you think you’ll need.

Depending on where you go, chances are they’ll accept credit cards all over the place, but you never want to be caught without cash when it turns out you need it.

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#5: Meet locals.

A smile goes a long way towards showing people that you’re open to conversation.  And you might be surprised how many locals you find are as fascinated to talk to you as you are to talk to them.

#6: Don’t pay in advance when booking your hotel.

Hotels throw big discounts at you to try and make you do this, but unless you’re like 150% sure your travel dates are not going to change, don’t do it.  God forbid something does change, or there’s an emergency which requires you to cancel your plans…now you’re out of luck.

#7: Take tons of photos.

Travel photos are the best souvenirs of all.

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#8: Don’t be afraid to splurge.

There are plenty of resources to help you travel on a budget and just as many reasons to do so, but there’s nothing wrong with splurging on occasion.  Go to the fanciest restaurant you can find one night, or stay in a posh hotel.  It’s the experience that you’ll never forget.

#9: Pack earplugs.

Pack several pairs!  You’ll be so happy you have them when you’re trying to sleep on a plane or in your above-the-noisy-bar hotel room.  Crying baby across the aisle from you?  No problem.  You won’t even notice.

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or if you need something heavy duty go for the gusto with these!

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#10: Try as much local food as you can.

You think you know what Thai food tastes like, but that’s until you’ve had actual food made in Thailand.

#11: Stay hydrated when you fly.

Headaches make an average flight into a hellish, neverending nightmare.  The best way to keep yourself feeling like yourself when you’re flying (or doing anything, for that matter) is by making sure you drink plenty of water.

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#12: Read reviews before you book or buy.

Hit up Trip Advisor or any other number of travel sites and blogs for reviews on restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, bars, services, and much more.

#13: Slow down and just enjoy yourself.

Most of the time you’re going to be in go-go-go mode, trying to see and do as much as you can.  Find some time to just slow down and be there.

#14: Buy tickets to attractions in advance.

This will save you from waiting in line at the gate to buy tickets.  Even if you don’t know for sure what day you’re going to be visiting the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey, sometimes when you purchase your ticket in advance, it’s good for something like up to 10 days.  Check the individual policies.

#15: Download important travel apps before you leave.

If you’re traveling internationally, the data fees you accrue might be hefty.  So download before you depart.

#16: Take advantage of public transportation wherever you go.

Most big cities have really efficient public transportation systems that’ll get you where you need to go quickly, conveniently, and cheaply.

#17: Make sure you can charge your devices if you’re going abroad.

Get those handy dandy voltage adapters!

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#18: Buy travel insurance.

Heaven forbid you fall ill or get injured while you’re traveling, or the airline loses your luggage or whatever else might go wrong.  Travel insurance is usually dirt cheap for the kind of coverage you’re getting.

#19: Make copies of your passport, and leave one at home with someone you trust.

Just in case.

#20: Don’t worry about “looking like a tourist.”

Are you worried that taking pictures of every little thing or consulting a map on the sidewalk is going to make you look like a tourist?  Who cares?!  You’re traveling the world, seeing things that you’ve never seen before, soaking up experiences that will last the rest of your life!  As long as you’re not hurting anyone, nobody’s going to care that you’re a tourist, and what’s more, you shouldn’t care either.




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