2013 Goal-setting Strategies for Work-Life Balance and Productivity (Part 2 – Video)

If you haven’t started thinking about your goals for next 2013, you better get cracking!  In this three part video series, and December webinar on the subject, we’re evaluating what makes a good goal statement – the kind that is more likely to be achieved!

Simple goal statements like “in 2013 we will increase revenues 10%” are fine on PowerPoints and year-end reviews but they lack a lot of necessary information to help those responsible for achieving them be successful. Sometimes we use “objectives” as higher level goals statements to try to provide this greater context, but I want to suggest that you use Intentionsinstead. Intentions are specifically designed to include the information necessary – including a broader picture of success – that enables you to be flexible creative and innovative when reality throws you a curve-ball. Intentions work on both an individual and team level.

Watch the video below for more and to receive a quick exercise you can do right now to help you learn to set Intentions.

Register now for the complimentary webinar next month on 2013 goal-setting to view the whole video series(15 min).


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