2014: The Year of Honouring Your Authentic Self


As we start the year with big dreams, aspirations, and a possible hangover, most of us want one thing:  a year that is more kick ass than last year.  Whether it is positive personal changes, more security, happiness, better lifestyle, more profitable business, healthier living, or a great adventure, we all deserve all those things.  Where do we start?  There just seems to be so much we need to do and improve to be able to reach the goals we have set out for ourselves.

I believe that it all starts with honouring your authentic self.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, for starters, stop doing shit you hate and start doing things that create happiness.  Stop grudgingly hanging out with people that don’t support your dreams and start conversations with the ones that are doing things that you admire.  Don’t try to be a size 2 when you are a curvaceous and fierce woman.  And for the love of god, start the necessary steps to quit the monotonous job that’s sucking the life out of you, and do everything in your power to re-discover what you are truly meant to do in this world.  Yes, you have a unique talent to share with the world, all of us do.  It is your f**king birth right to know this, and it is your absolute mission to find it.

Deep down, you already KNOW what you love.

The reason why it might be a little blurry for you or confusing at times is because you have been conditioned to conform to what your parents may have told you to do, society’s definition of success, or the career that you need to go after because of what is on your degree or diploma.  When was the last time you spent some time actually thinking about what really makes you happy, without the fear and excuses creeping in?  When was the last time you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and say out loud all the things you desire?

It is the fear of the unknown that hold us back.  But on the other side of fear, is your true purpose.  The purpose that you were born with, the reason of why you are alive and put on this earth.  It is the purpose of your being; where your talents, skills, personality, and the very core of your soul screams, “I must be fulfilled and provide value to the world I live in!”  Listen to this voice, no matter what hurdles you may project in your head.  This comes from your heart, a place where it does not lie to you, and it is the ultimate truth.

In search for your authentic self, ask yourself these questions:

    • What have I been doing in my life that isn’t serving me well?  What habits can I change so I can waste less time and spend more time doing things towards my goals?
    • What have I been doing where I am merely SURVIVING rather than LIVING?
    • Have I been spending time with people that want something out of life and are driven towards it, or hanging out with people that just coast through life reacting to whatever is thrown at them?
    • What are some things about the world that angers me or inspires me?  How can I help if I could not fail
    • Am I filling my days with what I think I SHOULD do rather than what I WANT to do?
    • Am I currently satisfied when I look at how my life is at this very moment?  Am I really doing everything  I can be doing to live the life I desire like my everything depended on it?
    • What do I want to be known for in my legacy when I leave this world?  How would I like to be remembered?

It is so vital to persevere and be consistent with your pursuit to re-discover your authentic self.  I also say RE-discover, because this has always been within you.  You just have to pull back the layers of habits, conditioning, fears, and limiting beliefs so that you can see the wonderful reason of why you exist.  This is not something that is done within hours, days, or sometimes even months, but it is the absolute most important thing you must do to be happier and a more fulfilled person.  When you know who you are and are doing all the things that are in complete alignment with your core being, the world is limitless.  How could the world not be a better place when you’ve got people loving how they spend their time, fulfilled in their work, and livin

This blog post was written by Lyda Lee, Chief Cubicle Crasher at www.ScrewTheCubicle.com.  She helps eject people out of their boring cubicle chairs so that they can re-discover their authentic purpose, and live an unconventional life on their own terms.

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