2014. What Will Your Story Be About?

Writer2014 is off and running.  Already, we are halfway through March.

Before we know it, many of us will be exclaiming “Can you believe it, it’s already July?  This year is going by so fast.”  

That’s become such a common refrain we often hear, don’t you think?  I hear myself saying it every year.  As if caught unaware of the passing days.

I read a sentence the other day and it struck a chord…. “The year is made up of days.”  

I find myself going back to that phrase several times during the last few days.

What will this year be about?

The story of 2014 that we’ll end up telling ourselves in December is going to be the sum total of all our experiences, choices, and decisions we will have made through-out the year.

Whether we’re consciously making them or not.

Sure, we can coast along.   Let things happen to us.   Simply react to whatever is going on.

Continue down the path that we’ve been traveling, even if it no longer gives us nourishment, pleasure, or a sense of fulfillment.

Or we can decide that this year, this time, we will make a choice to change.

To grab the reigns once and for all and redirect our lives.  To take a step, no matter how small, towards the life we’ve only imagined in our heads.  To experience that which we want to experience.

So what’s the story of your 2014 gonna be?







Same old, same old?




Plain and boring?


The story of 2014 is yet to be written.  Let’s decide now what kind of story we’re going to write.

What kind of story do you want your 2014 to be about?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below, will ya?

(A similar version of this post first appeared at Second Breaks.)

Lou is the Founder and Chief Instigator at Second Breaks, a site dedicated to the pursuit of the re-imagined life and deliberate second acts.  Visit her at http://www.secondbreaks.com



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