2018 Hairstyle & Color Trends

Barrettes, and bobs, and balayage – oh my! The new year is just around the corner, and with it comes a new wave of hairstyles, accessories and color trends. While 2017 was the year of the curls, bangs and the “bronde,” 2018 is taking pages straight out the 70s and 90s.

One 2017 trend I’m looking forward to seeing the end of is the unicorn hair. Even though there are some stylists and people that can pull this look off, it’s time to retire this look. In the new year, you can look forward to people expressing their individuality more naturally through hair accessories and bold statement pieces.

If you are in need of a little hairspo before you book your hair appointment in the new year, look no further! I’ve got five hairstyle and color trends that are going to be all the rage in 2018:

1. Bold hair pieces are the must have hair accessory.

Expect to see bold hair pieces on naturally textured hair, like thick, gold clips, or material wraps around a long ponytail. Also, with the return of the 70’s vibe, expect to see flowers everywhere. It’s literally going to be Coachella all year long.

2. Barrettes are making a major comeback.

With what I’ve seen on the runways, barrettes are the new “it” accessory. When shopping for barrettes, try to find clips with history or personality, versus a generic flat piece.

3. The B-ob is going to make the A-list in 2018.

As style evolution occurs, I’ve seen shattered, short/mid length bobs coming to surface. With the exception of the longer is better crowd, I forecast sassy, sexy, shorter hairstyles hitting the red carpets in the new year.

4. “All natural” is going to be the trending color.

It’s going to be all about natural looking hair colors. This means NO contrasting and bold differences. Brunettes will flirt with mocha/cappuccino colors through balayage and ombré techniques, while blondes will utilize dimensional toning with soft golden tones to pale Barbie blondes.

5. Soft cuts will never go out of style!

There are a few hairstyles that will always be “in,” such as: soft pixie cuts, perfectly tailored bobs and seamless, long layers. If you really dive into the history of hairstyles, these styles are timeless. It’s all in how an individual styles his/her hair, and uses products that will make it pop.

Reboot your hair in 2018 by paying homage to YOU – your natural, sexy, empowered self! Avoid impromptu, boxed hair color. It’s so aggressive and damaging, and takes forever to remove. Use products that are safe to use on Keratin or chemically-treated hair, are self-adapting and created with natural and certified organic ingredients. Your hair deserves it! If you want to revamp your hair, think about trying multitoned/dimensional coloring. It brings out depth and points of interest. This year is all about self-expression, so don’t let others influence your style!

About Devin Graciano

Devin Graciano, CEO of Use Me, founded the universal hair care product line in 2017 with the intent to simplify people’s everyday hair care routine. After graduating college in Southern California with a degree in cosmetology and business, Graciano furthered her training through Toni & Guy USA, which matured into over a decade of experience with Toni & Guy and TIGI International corporations, before launching a product line of her own.

Graciano is a natural-born hair guru, who inherited her passion for hair from her father, a 60-year industry veteran. Her skills have since been refined as an international educator, fashion week(s) and professional hairstylist for major hair care brands like: Bed Head, label.m and Toni & Guy USA. Graciano has been recognized as the “quickest to rise,” by Toni & Guy USA, and North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) finalist, one of the most widely recognized awards in hairstyling.

Graciano currently resides in Orange County with her fiancé Edward and daughter Mila.

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