22 Essential Websites For Women

22 Essential Websites For Women

We called for nominations this summer and you responded. Here is the list of the top 22 Essential Websites For Women that Project Eve members are going to for insight, inspiration, information or to get an interesting perspective on a topic they care about. Not only have we included the site urls we have also included the commentary on why you nominated them!

  1. I am delighted to nominate http://www.3plusinternational.com for a both challenging and supportive organisation for women of all professions and ages. What I love is that it is so 21st century… thinking out of the box as well as in it, resources, companionship and collaborative relationships to explore and develop all women’s potential.
  2. I would love to nominate Career Girl Network (http://www.careergirlnetwork.com) CGN likes to say “We meet you at your desk,” providing to women all of the information, resources, and networking you need to get ahead in your career and move the needle for women in business everywhere. CGN brings women articles on everything from job searches to dressing for success and decoding the difficulties of the beauty world, podcasts, video interviews, and more.
  3. I also recommend http://www.inpowerwomen.com by Dana Theus. Her content is consistently insightful – she is a true thought leader on women in business and leadership.
  4. Without a doubt, I would love to see http://womenceoproject.com/ on that list. I depend on the Women CEO Project for business education and the constant motivation that I CAN achieve my business goals and dreams. I’m just starting out, and the world of business can be overwhelming when I don’t see many women CEOs around. Kristi definitely is one of my role models in terms of her determination and openness in connecting with her community, especially through facebook and her website, Women CEO Project.
  5. I would love to nominate http://thebossmag.com – a brilliant site that discusses real issues for career-focused women. I’ve long been frustrated at the offerings for young women looking for career advice ranging from what to wear to an interview, how to change careers, and fast lunches to bring to the office and these girls have changed that. Before, to find articles on real issues, I was going to Forbes, WSJ, etc… but they had no lifestyle angle and weren’t really talking to me as a reader. Very excited for “The Boss” and hope you are too…
  6. I’m nominating http://www.sexyfoodtherapy.com/ Melissa speaks to women about health, food, and choices in a fun, no BS manner. She radiates positivity and encouragement. I’m working with Melissa on my own SexyFoodTherapy lifestyle change and I know many women would benefit from her humor and her wisdom.
  7. I am proud to nominate http://WomansInSite.com, an online magazine by women for women. One visit will have you feeling like you’ve just made a great friend, and perhaps even reflecting on the “Gayle” in your life. I am inspired by their history and love the informative and uplifting stories that will make you laugh, feel encouraged, and maybe even shed a tear or two. It’s all real, all the time. That’s what I love about Kathryn and Cindy!
  8. http://www.naturalparentsnetwork.com is an awesome resource for moms, covering many angles of parenting (healthy eating, family balance, natural learning, fun photos, community) – I’ve gotten a lot of support there and had my parenting ideals reassured.
  9. Female Entrepreneur Association http://femaleentrepreneurassociation.com/ Carrie Green does a wonderful job at inspiring women around the world. She shoots brilliant short videos and just started a podcast with great tips about daily business issues.
  10. I’d like to nominate Plum Alley (www.plumalley.co), an e-commerce site that curates products created by women entrepreneurs. In addition, Plum Alley is releasing a crowdfunding platform for women’s innovation this Fall, which aligns with their mission to fuel women entrepreneurs, innovation, access to funds, and the overall economy.
  11. I’d like to nominate http://www.girlsglobe.org. It’s an incredible website that highlights the importance of women’s rights around the world. It helps me understand the need to advocate for my fellow women, and keeps us all informed of ways we can make a difference. It’s one of my favorites!
  12. I’d like to nominate Couture goes Corporate, http://www.couturegoescorporate.com, a new site dedicated the busy life of a business professional. Before I discovered this site, I was often out of the loop on how to mix and match my corporate work clothes with my casual ones. This site offers great advice on how versatile my work wardrobe can be. Now I have an interchangeable work wardrobe thanks to CgC.
  13. I’d like to nominate http://stilettodash.com/, an awesome new site for women business travelers. It has lots of tips and ideas for how to stay healthy, stylish and connected while traveling, which is definitely a challenge! I love their “Daily Lift Off” ideas and cool picks on travel products. I always check the site before my business trips.
  14. Definitely http://theeverygirl.com/. Their Career feature is full of amazing profiles and interviews w incredible women, not to mention their work fashion, intentional living, and financial literacy pieces. Throw in the job postings and apartment decorating tips and it’s perfection. It’s how I start every work day!
  15. http://alliworthington.com/ is the BEST resource (that also happens to be FREE) for any entrepreneurial spirit looking to launch their online businesses. Alli is a social media ROCKSTAR, a brilliant mentor with wise business-sense, one of the most outstanding examples of a strong AND feminine woman as well as being a genuinely honest, lovely, and overall beautiful person. Her Blissdom conferences (http://blissdomconference.com/) have inspired thousands of women around the world. She truly lives out the ProjectEve vision by inspiring women reinventing their careers.
  16. I would like to nominate http://costawomen.ning.com/. Great community website offering support, information and a platform for self promotion to women able to speak English and based in Spain. Started and being run by Ali Meehan this online space is a huge help to women who would like to make new friends, network for business and share their life experiences.
  17. I’d like to nominate Colored Girl Confidential (www.coloredgirlconfidential.com) – career and life advice that doesn’t shy away from the intersection of race and gender.
  18. I would like to nominate http://www.pinksandgreens.com/. It is by far the best site to shop for women’s golf, tennis, fitness and fashion apparel that I have come across. All of my favorite brands are in one place, over 65 brands in total. There are so many options to choose from including a section for plus size apparel. The customer experience is excellent and includes rewards program, video of the product and editor’s notes on size and fit from REAL WOMEN. The site is user friendly and the customer service is always there via phone, email or live chat to answer any questions. Finally!! Everything the active woman needs in one place!
  19. I would like to nominate Clara Freeman’s Authentic Woman site http://authentic-woman.net/ as an essential website for women. In addition to providing for a platform for women to share their stories of “becoming”, we can just share lessons learned or other experiences that inspire others. Clara also provides coaching services to help you offline. On a different note, Clara is amazing.
  20. I would like to nominate proudworkingmom.com. A newer website dedicated to bringing all working moms together to share our stories, support one another, and provide helpful tips for the busy working mom!
  21. I would like to nominate http://www.Carlytati.com as an essential website. It is loaded with fashion tips, beauty secrets, accessory recommendations, travel pics and tips, and fun food stuf along with indepth behind the scenes coverage of the hottest fashion show in the world. Cannot go wrong here!
  22. I would highly recommend http://www.maiden-voyage.com It’s a free social network for women business travellers where you can meet like-minded professional women for dinner around the world, stay in female friendly hotels and use their safety tips to ensure your business trip is safe & social. maiden-voyage has Ambassadors in major cities around the world. If you plan on visiting the city, you can email the ambassador to find out information, and even meet them for a coffee. The travel tips are absolutely invaluable!



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