23 Lessons on Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles23 Lessons on Leadership Styles

I recently turned 23 years old so in honor of that, I am going to list 23 lessons I have learned about life, leadership styles and more. For the person like me in their early 20s or at any age, hopefully this can be useful to you.

1. Think For Yourself

2. Be Kind– Even When You Aren’t Treated Kindly

3. Forgive And Forget– To Forgive Doesn’t Mean to Absolve, it Mean to Let Go and Live

4. Try Harder- You Don’t Get What You Want by Giving Up. Try Again. A Different Way. A Different Route.

5. Speak Your Mind– People Will Only Know What You Want When You Tell Them.

6. Meet People Where They Are– Not Everyone is Right Nor Mature in Every Moment. Listen and Learn to Be Patient with Them.

7. Be Authentic- People Are Motivated By Many Things. Find the Most Authentic Answer to Your Life Choices.

8. Start Over– Life, People, Skills and Situations Have Their Seasons. You Will Start Over Many Times.

9. Adapt– If It Wasn’t Part of Your Plan, Make it So.

10. Attitude– Your Attitude is What Directs Your Life. Not What Happens.

11. Self Care– You Must Come Before All That You Do. Take Care of Yourself. If You Let Yourself Uncared For, The Rest Will Fail.

12. Happiness– You Are Responsible For Your Own Wellbeing..

13. Laugh– Studies Show if You Can Find a Different Perspective or Laugh at a Situation, Depending on Its Level of Seriousness, You Can Survive It

14. Get Back Up– You Knocked Yourself Down? Winners Don’t Stay Down. A Winner isn’t a Whiner.

15. Eat Kale– Nuff Said. It’s a Power Food. Do it.

16. Rise– Wherever You Are, Seek to Excel in It. Do Not Settle.

17. Be Amazing– Go Above and Beyond For Yourself and Others. You Will Be Remembered For How You Treated Others.

18. Smiles!- Body Language Says it All. If You Smile, No One Will Ever Know What You Are Thinking.

19. Take Off the Mask– We Adopt Masks for Various Situations. But People Connect to Realness.

20. You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too– You Just Can’t Do So All At The Same Time or All At Once. Pace Yourself

21. Exercize– Go to a Class. Motivate Yourself Through Support.

22. Friendship– The Best Part of Life is Your Relationships. They Will Get You Through Everything.

23. Love Yourself First– You Have to Love Your Imperfection Before You Can Love Perfectly.


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