3 Best Time Management Apps for Business Automation

Automation is no more limited to big businesses only. Organizations of all sizes and status are automating their manual processes in order to enhance productivity and profitability. After all, time is the most precious and scarce resource that every business owner needs to manage carefully.

Since the shift from manual and paper-based process to an electronic system, automation has been streamlining businesses to simply the process of sharing and storing critical business data. But today, it primarily focuses on managing the influx of data, prioritizing projects and time spend on them, and collaborating effectively, which eventually results in maximizing business efficiency and facilitates future growth while keeping the costs down.
As said, automating manual processes are within the reach of every business, large or small. There are myriad of free and premium time management applications available on the market that can help you automate your business processes.

Here are 3 best time management apps to integrate into your daily operation.

1. RescueTime


Wondering where all your time goes? Or, if you are using your time wisely?

RescueTime is just the right app for you. It sends weekly reports indicating your time thieves. Spoiler alert: You might be shocked discovering how much time you waste in a day.

This time management app is designed for desktop computers and records the amount of time you spend on your digital days, ranging from balancing your bank accounts and updating spreadsheets to checking photos on Instagram and watching kitten videos on YouTube.

As you switch to a new window, this app resets the clock. However, it keeps a running tally to create a comprehensive report on how you are using your computer. RescueTime features easy-to-understand graphs and tables showing exactly how you’ve used (or waster) your time and where. Better yet, this app even highlights the most productive days of your week. And all of these are available with the free version.

In addition, RescueTime comes with a paid version that helps to keep you on-task. The paid version works as a cyber-watchdog and blocks certain websites automatically for a specific amount of time. This is a great way to keep you and your employees focused on things that matter the most. You can even choose the level of severity you want the blocking. For example, even if you command RescueTime to block Facebook or YouTube, you can check these sites in case of a “social emergency.”

The main idea is to make you better at resisting temptation over time so that you can manage your digital time efficiently.

2. Nutcache


If you want a tool to manage your task effectively while tracking time spent on each task, look no further than Nutcache. A bonus point – Nutcache is also known for its collaborative features. This online collaborative project management app was originally created as a simple, open source time tracking and invoicing tool. But today, it has transformed into an all-in-one business management software with a “Time Logger” app for iOS and Android devices.

Nutcache helps you to save and manage your time by allowing you to organize all your tasks efficiently. In fact, it is one of the finest collaborative project management tools available on the market, which is both business oriented and flexible. It not only allows you to manage projects by location, resources, project phase and team member, but also allow you to follow your preferred methodology – be it Kanban, agile, scrum or anything else. Managing backlog and activities was never so fast. It therefore ensures that you meet all your deadlines and eliminates project delays.

In addition, Nutcache allows you to create unlimited professional-looking invoices and estimates and send them to your client automatically. You don’t even need to waste time on creating invoices every month as this tool tracks your overdue invoices and also generates recurring invoices both from scratch and from an existing invoice.

The ‘Time Logger’ app from Nutcache allows you to log work hours for your team and contractors from anywhere, anytime to ensure that you don’t miss any billable hour. Apart from the flexible free-mium plan, Nutcache offers two paid plans for small businesses and enterprises. The Time Logger app is available on iTunes and Google Play for free

3. MindNode


Although mind-mapping might sound like a science fiction, it’s a great and well-established productivity technique. In its most basic concept, mind-mapping helps you focus on the tasks at hand. MindNode is an amazing app that facilitates brainstorming for fresh ideas while arranging information visually. Better yet, it eliminates the need to create an endless vertical list; thus, freeing your time to concentrate on more important things.

This mind-mapping tool organizes all your concepts and tasks in a dynamic and colorful web, giving you a clarity to prioritize your work. MindNode features large, pictorial networks mirroring the way your brain works. As a result, you can easily spot connections and also insert new ideas, if required. All you need to do is write your overall goal in the MindNode’s infinite canvas. It allows you to make notes, add connections, split out smaller things and also cross connect nodes from other main nodes.

When we say infinite canvas, we actually mean it. The MindNode canvas grows automatically so that you never run out of room on-screen when exploring the myriad possibilities. This means, it can successfully accommodate even your most ambitious projects.

MindNode is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The Mac desktop version even also allows you to embed documents and images, apart from your ideas. It also lets you share mind maps automatically between the Mac and iPad apps. And you can easily convert the mind maps into digital images or Word documents for sharing. This mind mapping app come with a free, trial offer but you need to buy the paid plan to fully explore its benefits.


There are several other affordable time management apps available in the market that facilitate your business automation process. All you need to do is find the ‘right mix’ of tools manage your time as well as automate the process in the best possible way.


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