3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Social Media Following

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Social Media Following

Feeling more than a little fashionably late to join the social media revolution? Not to worry! The truth is, many businesses are only now beginning to embrace social media and include it as a part of their marketing planning for 2013. The good news is we know three easy ways to increase your social following right now.

  • Link your social accounts within your email signature. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply add your Facebook page, LinkedIn account and Twitter handle to your signature (don’t forget to hyper-link) . This ensures all of your clients and contacts can easily follow you, and results in an effortless increase in your social following.
  • Add your social accounts to your eNewsletters.Promoting your social media profile to your newsletter subscribers is another easy way to increase your social following. Simply create a connect section and then add text links to your social networks or, for even better results, we recommend adding social media widgets (shown below) with direct links. Widgets have a stronger visual presence which will attract more clicks. Tip: Speaking of stronger visual presence, don’t bury your “connect” section at the bottom of your newsletter. If you really want to increase your social following consider giving it more visibility by featuring it prominently at the top of your newsletter or in the right rail.
  • Optimize your social profiles with links. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well written and properly linked Bio page, About section or Profile page. Once a potential client or customer finds you on one social network make it easy for them to connect with you on other networks by linking all of your social accounts. Further engaging existing social media users across multiple platforms is by far the easiest way to increase your social following.

And now for a bonus tipdon’t be afraid to promote your social media presence via traditional marketing methods as well. Include your FacebookTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn on your business cards and any other promotional material you create. Also consider giving yourself a social media shout-out in any television, print or on-line advertising campaigns you are running. This is another great way to increase your social following and to get a little more bang for your advertising buck.

Here’s to connecting in 2013!


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