3 Easy Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Website

imagesHave you tested the speed of your WordPress website?

Does it need to load faster?

Do you know the impact that speed has on your website?

If your website is slow, you will annoy visitors before they even enter your site! Not a good way to begin a relationship!

When you speed up your website you can actually increase traffic! This is because search engines rank your website for the quality and relevancy of your content, AND for how quickly it loads. This means the faster it loads, the more Google likes you, and the higher up your website will appear in the rankings.

So how do you test the speed of your site?

One of the quickest ways is to use a tool called Pingdom.

Pingdom allows you to enter any web address and it gives the page a rating based on it’s download speed and general performance. (It tells you areas that could be improved.) It has a FREE version as well as paid ones.

Even if your website is considered “speedy” the following 3 tips can further increase your site speed.

Here are 3 easy ways to increase the speed of your WordPress site:

1. Clean up Plug-ins – Remove plug-ins that aren’t activated and consider removing ones that don’t get used very often. The fewer plugins you have, the better.

2. Delete SPAM – Empty SPAM comments. To do this, just click the Spam link from the dashboard, then click the Empty spam button at the top.

3. Add Caching – This saves a static version of your website onto your server. Then this file get’s used when displaying your pages. This means the database doesn’t need to be accessed to display the content every time a new visitor arrives at your website; which decreases the load time of your site dramatically. I recommend using the WP-Super Cache plug-in.

I hope you find this helpful and of value. Please feel free to comment and to share with your friends and colleagues. If you’ve found a simple theme that you love – please share – I know my readers would love to know!

Susan Mershon is a Technology Coach, Trainer & Online Business Manager who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to implement systems and technology so they can earn money while they sleep. http://thetechiementor.com


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