3 Graphic Design Trends for 2013

It’s a New Year, a fresh start and just like within the interior design industry, design trends are shared outlining predications for what you can expect to see in the year ahead. It’s hard to predict what graphic design trends will be popular however, we can make some educated guesses based on our observations as 2012 came to a close.

Our clients look to us for being in-the-know about what’s trending for great eye-catching and share worthy marketing creatives, so here’s our top 3 graphic design trends for 2013.


Compelling Visuals. Large images, infographics, professional photographed images will become more and more popular. Although the pinterest multi-photo layout seemed like it was trending for a bit in 2012, single frame large images are now drawing more attention. However, the infinite scrolling adopted by pinterest layout, is continuing to gain in popularity.

We’re seeing more and more websites using single large images on their home pages, and I think more companies will gravitate to this in 2013.

White Space. With the rise on line activity, and the end-less reading of blog posts I relish when I land on page that keeps it easy on the eyes. (Yes, I where glasses and without them I’m completely idle, so this one is a delight for me.)

Content is king and keeping it on-point when designing websites, creating marketing collateral or writing blog posts is essential for this trend. Streamline copy to essentials only and keep it aligned to your target audience. Doing this, will allow you up size your font and leave more white space. Who doesn’t love easy – to – read quality content and clean design?

Typography. Hugely popular as 2012 closed out, and I don’t see this slowing down any time soon. Fonts pairings and weight will be at the centre of creative designs.

This trend ties in nicely with compelling visuals above. The blend of a great image with the perfect typography overlay has been adopted by many professional blogging sites, I am sure we’ll soon see companies adopting this trend as we move into 2013.

Finally, although is difficult to say which trends will survive the length of the year, these 3 graphic design trends aim to point you in the right direction as we move into 2013. Modern day marketing is continually evolving and you’ll want to stay current in front of your audience, so I hope post is helpful to you.

If these trends have you thinking ahead and you would like more insight on design trends for 2013, just drop a comment below or connect with me at Juice Marketing Group today.


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