3 Lessons from the Song “Happy”




Grammy Award Winning Music producer, business genius and song-writer Pharrell Williams has topped the charts again with his new song Happy.  From Malawi to London, Kentucky to Maine, Vietnam to Paris, nobody can resist singing to his latest inspirational hit.

But as you snap your fingers and sing along, have you ever wondered what it truly means to be happy?  Have you ever assessed your emotional inventory and discovered you’re not happy?

Let’s explore three key lyrics of this upbeat song and see if we can find meaning behind this over -used and illusive word, “happy.”

    1. “A Room without a Roof”

My favorite line in the song says,” Clap along if you feel like a room, without a roof.”  I love it because it signifies that happy means recognizing you are limitless, uncontained and free. You’re unrestricted by your obstacles, short comings and limitations.

Everything above you is clear- your future, your destiny and potential.  You can see it. It’s in plain view. You have clarity, because it’s uninterrupted by the “roof” we sometimes place on our lives that puts us in a box.  Boxes are not designed for people who are happy. So, yes, I clap to that.

    1. “Happiness is the Truth”

Another lyric that stands out is “clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.”  Amen! There’s power in the truth.  When you own your truth, whatever that may be, it’s creates peace for personal growth.

It creates enlightenment. It creates the freedom to be better and go harder.

When you try to be who you were or pretend to be who you are not, suffering occurs.  But when you can boldly embrace your reality, own it, love it, embrace it, the truth sets you free and happiness finds you.  So happiness is the truth.


    1. “Bring me Down…Can’t Nothing Bring me Down”

The most powerful line in the song says, “Bring me down…can’t nothing bring me down…my levels too high.” Is that not what we all should strive for- to be on another level?  Isn’t life’s journey about taking charge of our lives and escalating to a new level of consciousness? When we can get to a level where nothing can bring us down, we are entering the path of righteous living.

When we align our mind with our mouth, and speak and think on the same positive accord, we cannot be defeated. That’s powerful.

All in all, these lyrics remind us being happy is more than a feeling.  It’s more than a beat. It’s more than a temporary high.  It’s an inner awareness. It’s an informed mindset and most importantly, it’s a daily decision that should not be forsaken.

So the next time you turn on your radio or flip the remote, remember, if you hear Pharrell’s new song, smile big, dance hard, and most importantly, be happy!

Check out the video here! Happy by Pharrell Williams

Small business innovator and motivational maven, Teri Nichole Harrison, is a catalyst for legacy makers. With her signature programs and consulting services, she inspires entrepreneurs to elevate, execute and excel. She is the Founder and CEO of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide, a personal development and business consulting boutique for out-of-the box entrepreneurs. In her role as success strategist and business consultant, Teri teaches clients to be fearless, fabulous and prosperous.


Twitter: @_teriharrison 

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