3 Steps to Banishing Blogger’s Block

One of your To Do’s that never seems to get crossed off is to write a blog post. A small blog post. A blog post of only about 500 words (plus or minus a few) can seem painfully overwhelming. I am here to tell you…


Okay – I’m a writer. I’ve been there too! Sometimes this stifling of creativity can last forever – several weeks even. So I decided to make this easier on you. Here are my 3 surefire ways to cure writer’s block:

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image24261741. If you’re a business, what are you promoting? A product? Teleseminar? A service? Well, then it wouldn’t hurt to blog about it. I am not giving you permission to be pitchy, but maybe you’re a web designer who would like to sell a website (for example!); in this case, your blogging topic could be oriented aroundthat – what makes a website a goodwebsite. Since you already know the answer to that (being a web designer), this should come easy to you.If you are NOT a business, what do you want to be happening on your blog? Do you want them to click a partner ad? Do you want the person to “follow you” – same rule applies. Whatever your goal is, you can be blogging about its sister topic.

2. Can the topic be whatever is causing the writer’s block? Can it be the block itself? When we get writer’s block, it is because our brain is full. (At least, this is myinterpretation). If your brain is full, empty it out. I’m talking do a full out word vomit on your computer screen. Say whatever you want. Don’t publish just yet though. My point is that somewhere in the jungle of words you’ve catapulted onto the screen, you might have something concrete to say.Is it relevant? If it’s not, find a way to make it relevant.

For example, if you are really upset your boyfriend didn’t call you last night and that is what came out, you’re right. It’s a little irrelevant.

You could approach this more generally. As a marketer, I would turn that feeling of isolation and neglect into a post about how NOT to treat a client (pick up the phone, already!) or a post about great ways to communicate, etc.

3. Still nothing?After those two tips, you have no means of curing your block? Okay – here’s one more tip. And if you don’t get it, there might be something wrong with you.Think of your favorite movie. Why do you like it so much? If you don’t have a favorite, just think of a movie you really like.Now, is there any thread in the movie’s plot/theme structure that could be turned into a blog post? (The answer should be a resounding YES!).

The last time I had writer’s block, I decided to veg out and watch a movie instead of blog. What came on? Clueless! Great flick. Not a favorite, but definitely worthy of a Like on Facebook.

So I blogged about it here.


What are some of your tips for kicking writer’s block to the curb?


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