3 Strategies to Make Money While Traveling

We all know what the dream is – to travel and enjoy your life and save a little bit of money at the same time. The thing that most people don’t understand is it isn’t impossible. Traveling and working at the same time is a very achievable goal that can be implemented with a few easy steps.

But first, how about a personal story that makes it a little more believable. When I was 19, I decided to spend the summer in the UK. What was originally a plan to travel for only a short amount of time (2 months) turned into a year long adventure.

I started the journey off with only $500 dollars and quickly realized that I needed to get some extra cash quick or else, I’d be calling my mom for more money. I looked online but almost everything seemed pretty sketchy. Eventually, I started doing freelance writing on upwork and fiverr.com. Before I knew it I had not only an extra 500 a month but almost 1500.

My story isn’t unique. Today I’d like to share a couple of tips I learned over the years.

1) There is a lot of international work out there.

Companies throughout the world require foreign talent, especially if you’re a native English speaker. I was getting paid 50/hour to help with extremely simple translations in China (bad English to correct English). The same job later allowed me to take up a marketing position in the same company.

2) Connect with the overseas working community.

You might be young and traveling, but there is a VERY good chance that in whatever country you choose there will be many older entrepreneurs who have gone there before you and set up their own businesses. These people don’t like to hire overseas and would prefer to hire native speakers.

3) The global economy is shifting online.

Wake up, the traditional 9-5 job is dead. This is the new global economy where everyone works online. Forget the office and the traditional ratrace. Time to brand yourself as an expert in some field and work from there.

For more info check out this little video explaining some other top strategies.

I hope these quick lessons help people as my first post on gettingbalance.com. I’d like to add a couple of resources for those looking for overseas jobs.

  1. Online Resume Builders – free resume building app
  2. Tealit – finding jobs in Taiwan (great place to start)
  3. Jobs Abroad – a directory of jobs overseas


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