3 Things Every Young CEO Should Know About Leadership


It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is on the rise in the millennial community – but can good founders really make great CEOs? To ensure a flawless transition, here are some tips every young CEO should know about leadership:

1. Remember to own your achievements with confidence.

As a young CEO, you may be more likely to feel “imposter syndrome” in the business world due to lack of peers in your age group. It’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments and to recognize the difference between talking with confidence vs. downplaying achievements. You can start by paying close attention to language and tone – certain social cues like poor posture, lack of eye contact or speaking too quickly may impact the way others evaluate your leadership skills. Avoiding these pesky habits will help you exude confidence while showing others how serious you are about your business.

2. As you build your company, continue to build yourself.

Let’s face it: people want leaders they can respect – leaders who are real human beings with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not allocating time to do the things you love, your work may suffer. It’s true that leading a company involves sacrificing a great deal of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax on weekends or take a vacation. Discover new activities that inspire you, and work on building yourself. Remember that you help define the company’s overall culture, and that the company’s atmosphere can also be an extension of your mental state. Ensure that you’re fulfilled in life and that you continue to build yourself on a personal level in addition to the business realm.

3. Trust your decision-making skills. 

While it can be very beneficial to listen to outside feedback as a young CEO, it’s also important to trust your decision-making skills. Challenge yourself to be secure enough in your ideas to stick with them. It may be helpful to play devil’s advocate when it comes to decision-making, but don’t forget to have the strength in yourself to carry out your decisions. Not every choice you make will be right, and that’s part of the journey. With patience and determination, you will add to your skillset as time goes on. Being comfortable as a leader takes time, and you’ll be much more secure with your decisions if you trust yourself.

Are you a young CEO with additional thoughts or insights? Share your experience in the comments!

Hannah Wright, 23, currently resides in Alaska and is founder and CEO of beauty startup makeoverly.com. Check out her company on twitter: @makeoverly

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