3 Tips for Choosing Your Coach


The only thing certain in life is change.

I don’t know how you feel, but the changes I need to make aren’t getting any easier. In fact they seem to be getting tougher and definitely more immediate. That’s why more and more women are finding coaches as a way to navigate more confidently and quickly through life’s challenges .   

Choosing the right coach to work with is an important first step.  After all, coaching is a relatively new idea which most people have never experienced. But there’s plenty of good research to prove it works and that is why the industry is growing.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a coach to work with. 

#1. How do you want to be coached? Are you looking a regimented, impersonal style coach or someone who is more compassionate and gentle? Most coaches offer a complimentary call so you can decide if your personalities are a match. Ask questions. Find out what you can expect from working together. Pay attention to how you feel after the initial call. Coaching is not about working with anyone else’s agenda other than your own. Your coaching sessions should leave you feeling open, optimistic and energized. .  

#2. Find out about the coach’s training and experience and what is his/her niche? There are many people who have the term  “coach”  in their title. I’m noticing that it is used more and more in businesses.There are sales coaches, marketing coaches, weight loss coaches, etc.  Often these people are actually mentors or consultants or some kind of expert in their field, but that really doesn’t make them a coach by ICF standards. There are also many coaching schools and programs available for people who want to learn coaching skills. Some take months and hundreds of  hours to complete; others can be completed in one week end, a few hours, or even might be part of one small segment in a leadership class. Be sure to ask.  

#3  Ask for references and follow-up calling or e-mailing them.  Coaching is an investment of your time, trust, energy and money. The first thing that comes to my mind when choosing a new person to work with is how dependable are they? Will he/she be able to follow through with what they promise? Will he keep appointments? To keep your momentum going you’ll get the most from working with an accountable, professional person who you can trust to be available.   

Once you’ve made the decision and selected your coach, the fun begins. Being coached is an exciting opportunity for you to grow and expand. It is a great way to gain confidence while making the powerful changes you’ve been dreaming about.   




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